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Frank Ocean vs. Chris Brown

Did Sunday’s incident cause Frank Ocean to expose Chris Browns sexuality? Witnesses at Westlake studio in West Hollywood were quoted as saying, Chris Brown called Frank Ocean a “fucking faggot”,  Ocean in returned  responded by saying you’ve fucked man too. Chris deliberately and intentionally said those words to Ocean out of malice, we all know Brown is a very weak, vicious, and vindictive individual, remember he released private pictures of Rihanna after their breakup. Frank pulled his card when he told Chris about his choice, game recognize game!

Aaliyah Biography

Why has the Aaliyah album been pushed back for the 3rd time? What happened to the tell all book that a close family friend was supposed to release? Has anyone ever came forward with the diary that was allegedly stolen from Aaliyah’s Detroit River Front condo, after her divorce from R. Kelly? Theirs so many secrets when its comes to Ms. Haughtons personal life, and as a fan I respect that, that is what separates her from artist today, she was, and will always remain a very mysteries and personal individual. So many celebrites loose there lukelure, and magic because their a open book, nothing is guarded or private, the public loose interest when they have too much access to your private lives.

Judah vs. Garcia

The upcoming February 9th boxing match at Brooklyn’s Barclay stadium fight between Judah and Garcia has been cancelled due to an injury Garcia sustained while sparring. But most insiders are saying, Garcia was not ready and has faked his injury to give himself more time! We will see!

The Girl is mines

The Girl Is Mine” was #1 on the Pop/R&B Billboard Singles Chart  in January 1983, it was the first single released off of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album.The Girl Is Mine” is a song recorded by Michael Jackson featuring Paul McCartney. The track was written by Jackson and produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones. It was released as the first single for Jackson’s sixth solo album, Thriller (1982) the year before, Jackson and McCartney had recorded “Say Say Say” and “The Man” for the latter’s fifth solo album, Pipes of Peace (1983). Although it was released as a single, Jackson never performed the song live.  If Paul McCartney only knew, Michael was plotting, the Catalog is Mines! Michael purchased the Beatles Catalog a year later, and eventually went on to make Entertainment History!

32 Facts about Funk Legend Rick James


  1. He was in a band that consisted of future rock band Steppenwolf (Neil Young included)
  2. His name  Rick James (born James Ambrose Johnson, Jr) was given to him by an Canadian singer name Shirley Matthews when he was AWOL from the united states army.
  3. slept with Super model Janice Dickerson at the infamous Studio 54
  4. Dated fellow Motown label mate singer/model Vanity before prince, Vanity left him while on tour with Prince as the opening act, that incident started the Prince vs. Rick James rivalry started!
  5. Only slept with one Mary Jane Girl, Maxi B (the white girl)
  6. Teen star Linda Blair had an abortion by him, he later penned the song Cold Blooded about her.
  7. He introduced OJ Simpson to his  future wife Nicole Brown, after she broke up with his friend Singer, Charlie Wilson. Rick was dating her sister at the time.
  8. Enlisted in the Army at 16yrs of age, only to go AWOL and hide out in Canada.
  9. Lived briefly with Folk Singer Joanie Mitchell, during his time in Ontario, kept a 30yr secret about her giving up her daughter for adoption.
  10. Enter the lifestyle of a pimping, for a short period of time, after being introduced to pimping by friend and singer Jimmy Ruffin, David Ruffin’s brother, Rick Pimped white females only in  Toronto Canada during the late 70’s!
  11. Was married briefly to his first wife, a European model, whom died from cancer.
  12. The Colored Girls, was the original name of the Mary Jane Girls, the concept was stolen from him, by princes manager and the next year The Group Vanity 6 came out!
  13. Meet his 2nd wife at a Hollywood orgy.
  14. Dated Redfoo’s of LMAFO mother before she dated  music mogul and Motown founder Berry Gordy.
  15. Snorted cocaine with Karate Kid actress Elizabeth Shue.
  16. Was engaged to follow Motown artist and protege’ Teena Marie for two weeks!
  17. Is of  Native American/Indian Heritage on his fathers side
  18. Meet friend and Rock legend Steven Tyler in rehab during the 1980’s.
  19. Saved Eddie Murphy’s life during a trip to Buffalo New York, a car almost hit eddies side of the Rose Royce, Rick spurned into quick action and avoided a major accident.
  20. Tried to get a very unknown black CEO fired from his job, because he told Rick that he was not “HOT ANYMORE”. that CEO later became mega celebrity manager Benny Medina!
  21. Met his 3rd wife when she was only 17yrs old.
  22. Melvin Franklin of the Legendary Motown group the Temptations is his nephew.
  23.  Got into a all out brawl with 12 Middle Eastern Sheiks at a Hollywood night club with children of a lesser god actor Timothy Hutton, who knew they hung out?
  24. His best-selling recording, 1981’s Street Songs, sold over three million copies helping to renew sagging fortunes in Motown.
  25. He was a marijuana and hash dealer, going as far as India to smuggle weed to the US!
  26. After failing to report for active duty on the USS Enterprise  he flied to Ontario Canada for two years.
  27. Signed with Motown Records twice! first time in 1968, then again 1977, first time he was taken by the FBI, under the alias Rick Matthews.
  28. Taco Bell was his favorite Fast Food
  29. Fire and Desire was originally recorded with another female singer, he was made at Teena at the time, and didn’t want her to appear on the single, after she broke off there engagement.
  • Produce Teena Marie‘s long-awaited debut album. James originally had planned to produce a full album for Diana Ross but when Motown told him they only wanted four songs he then gave the entire albums material to his protege’ Teena Marie! 



Bonus: Rick was invited by a friend to party at actress Sharon Tate’s Hollywood mansion on the night of August 8, 1969 the night of the Mason Tragedy.

Jill & Ray:Ebony and Ivory!

Was Jill Marie Jones 6 month affair with Ray Liotta the basis for her character, Toni Child’s to date a professional white man? maybe not! but they did share a steamy bi-coastal relationship over a six month period, during her time on the hit television show girlfriends, Jill in California, and Ray in New York city, it was brief, but hot! did Ray developed his taste for chocolate after kissing Whoopi Goldberg in there film Corrina Corrina? i don’t know, you have to ask Whoopi she turns all the white boys out, remember her and Ted Danson?

Confession of a Hollywood Escort part #2

                                      CONFESSIONS OF A HOLLYWOOD ESCORT PART 2

I’ve been living with my new family for about 2yrs, when all of an sudden his wife no longer wanted me to live in the house, or to even work for the family. John is what we call the typical “JOHN”! middle aged, white, married, professional, with 2.5 kids! he’s considered a very well respected jovial, debonair, eccentric,gentleman, who would be the last to carry on an affair, especially in his very own house hold, right under the watchful eye of his insecure, Blane, dowdy, pale, thin, boring wife, Dian with her androgynous character. His caricature of the wholesome family life, hanging above their fireplace is the best I’ve ever saw drawn john fits the description of a trick! he was very machinations, of how he carried on his sexual, and emotional affair within his home was planed from the start to the end, an urgent need of attention, comfort, sexual needs propelled him to take a live in servant, to fulfill that void, left by his wife of 11yrs Dian.

Each one of us played a appropriate part in the home i resided in, John the bread winner, wealthy christian, and loving father, Diane the mother, confident, outgoing, charity hosting socialite, and me the nanny, who was also the kids real mother, maid, cook, cleaner, tutor, nurture, confidante, and in house Mistress. the home was located in the Beacon Hill section of Boston Ma. where wealthy individuals and some politicians lived. is where I resided at with the family for the first two years in America, where would i go? all i had was a bunch of designer clothes, 2yrs of College and a Rolex he brought me i befriended a girl at school who is from California and she said that pretty girls make a lot of money in la, being rich guys girlfriend, and that’s how she made enough money to pay for school. Dorchester which is over by Blue Hill Ave. which is not wealthy, was the only place i could afford if i decided to stay in Boston, Roslindale – There is a good part of it with people who have a decent, if not great income, damn i cannot go from Wealth to Warfare.

All the wealthiest areas in Boston are mostly white. Tops is probably Beacon Hill with lots of old money. Next would be Back Bay, some old money, some new. The South End and the waterfront area are also attracting people with money these days. West Roxbury is also nice, but its more suburban, though within the city limits. I have to find my next move, my next tick, my next sponsor, its do or die right now. i can’t let my family down, they depend on my income to live, eat, attend private school, i would wire money on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis, enough money home for my family to live in a house. The richest area of Brazil is the state of São Paulo. The city of São Paulo is the richest city in Brazil. In fact, the states of Rio Grande do Saul, Santa Catarina, and São Paulo have the highest living standards in Brazil. so that’s what my family has come accustomed to, and they can’t and wont go back to living in a shack in the jungle of São Luís the capital of Maranhão, one of the poorest and least developed states in Brazil, and the most violent. i was raped 4 times before the age of 12yrs old, so my feelings of that place is horrible, graphic, and vagued. i never want to return ever in life, so while this family is away in Aspen Colorado, i have to put my plain in motion.

Jennifer left me a message telling me there’s this middle aged white guy, around 42yrs old, commercial real estate developer,originally from White Plains New York, but currently resides in Chicago, he has a beautiful penthouse at the Palmolive Building and requested a young, petite, brunette female to spend 3 days with him at $2500 per day plus travel and shopping, i think I’ve meet my next trick!

Me being exceptionally smart, sceptical of any new endeavors that brings unknown prospect to me, i felt i had to be extremely careful because of things that happened to me in the past i did my homework! 159 E Walton Place is the address of the residential condos in the Palmolive Building (formerly called the Playboy Building) at the southeast corner of Walton Place and Michigan Avenue. It’s 2 blocks north of the Water Tower Place shopping mall on the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue). Chicago’s Lakefront is where i would be staying for the next 3 days with a total stranger TO BE CONTINUED….

Threes Comapany! (HOT TEA FILE)

A very close and reliable friend to me has dropped some SUPER HOT TEA! my secrets confidential buddy has informed me that there’s allegedly  a sex tape, held in a safe involving sports Mogul Mark Cuban, and Kim and Khloe Kardashian! its super nasty, all out freaky, and will make any “MARRIED MAN PROUD! wonder if it will ever see the light of day, just like those picture Kim’s ex-husband Damon had of her and khloe, when she was underage?

International Lovers!


do some women have daughters, so they can train them to be mistresses or high priced call girls? it seems like Valeria Campbell has done a great job of training Naomi to only date married, wealthy white man. Naomi started out young, dating Mike Tyson at 16yrs old, what kind of mother, would allow her teenage daughter to date a athlete like Tyson, she seems to make a career out of dating married, wealthy  European man.  Now other celebrity’s are trying to follow in her foot steps, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Kerri Hilson, rapper Eve, it really doesn’t matter what you get for your services, because if these man are not claiming you, or marrying you, like in Diana Ross, or Josephine Bakers case, you re just what’s hot for that season. its easier to fly to Europe, have an pre-arranged set up with a wealthy tycoon, have a standard price of $100,000 or more, shop, go yachting, sunbath all day long and come back to the united states like you’ve just came off tour!





Aaliyah – Michael Haughton (Aaliyah’s dad) died last year. He was buried with Aaliyah caused of death is unknown, some say he’s been ill since his daughters untimely death in August, 2001.

Count down to scandal


             1.Who is Kim Kardashians baby’s father? Oh by the way it’s a Girl!

Who is Chelly Rozay (groupie files)


Wilson sigmore aka Chelly Rozay is a 21yr old mother from Philly occupation professional groupie Most dangerous female on the planet…..She claims she’s from Miami but she is from Baltimore (hence why she knows lots of Ravens), she’s just in Miami all of the time, escorting, she tells anyone who will listens, that she’s a law student, claims she just became legal, celebrated her 21st Birthday recently, she’s beefing with a lot of girls in the DMV area, and none of the other athletes, girlfriends, baby mama’s, jump-offs, groupies, or wives like her!

 She always in  VIP but is going from every table, being EXTRA THIRSTY  and introduces herself to athletes or individuals as “Chelly Rozay, not her real name  of course, anything to keep the image up.

The Ravens Le’Ron McClain, accused her of stealing his credit cards, banking information, etc to purchased plain tickets, and floor seats to the Miami Heat game in 2011. how can a female, who is a single mother, with no job, or education, supposedly  in law school, fly out on a daily basis to visit anyone? These ballers will wife up, set up, take care of anybody that shows them any type of attention. its always the VERY unattractive female with the most game, and gumption, they have the attitude to be a challenged, demand what they want, and they get it. in chelly’s case, she’s down for whatever, and will do anything, and anybody to get it, all the while playing the devoted FAN/HOME GIRL ROLE!

She chases a lot of athletes, but everyone says she does credit card scams, and is a well known escort in Miami….

Rick james


Why funk legend Rick James is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame? I was told that there’s an online petition to get him into the hall of fame, which is clearly well over do. It takes a artist 25yrs to be eligible to be recognized for the hall of fame. Some artist are lucky to make it as soon as they are eligible Prince, Madonna, beastie boys, but artist like Rick James, Hall and oats, Donna Summer, who finally made it into The Rock and Roll Hall of fame, after being cast out but to make it after her death last year. Why does the hall of fame does give these artist their props while they are alive?

CASSIE: Expensive Eye Candy


Word on the streets is that diddly live-in girlfriend Cassie is paid a salary of $60,000 per month, including expenses to be his arm candy! I don’t know how true that is, but most Scorpio man are tight with their money, but very nice with gifts! It ain’t tricking if you got it!

Confession of a Hollywood Escort Part 1 (the intro)

sex_columnEveryone thinks Hollywood is the land of milk and honey, but to most it’s another world, especially if the only way to survive is to surrender your mind, body, and soul to the most riches, most powerful, people in the world. Growing up poor, in the early 80’s watching dynasty, reading the Robb report, videos on MTV,etc… All you think about is a life of luxury. And the only way to get it is to take it!

Poverty either makes you smart or dumb. You can’t be both if a hustle is all you have to live for, and the only thing that will take you out of your horrible surroundings. So as soon as I was able to leave my one bedroom shack with my 8 siblings, I was more then ready to leave Brazil and make my way to America to have a better life. Being able to get a work visa, and have a job with a wealthy family, in Boston, Ma. was a dream come true. Working for a wealthy couple and taking care of three young kids, was a piece of cake! After taking care of 7 kids, without running water, or electricity.  I had a bed, which I didn’t know that I would later be sharing with the man of the house…

The first thing I learned when I came to America was Hustle or die, and I was not able to risk death or be faced with dying, so my dream had to become a reality, regardless of who, or whom I had to sleep with to get it. So if I became your nanny, I wouldn’t mind becoming your husbands mistress, why not? I’m already doing everything you’re not doing, so why not play the part to the fullest! I didn’t know that I would have to pay for my new lifestyle with everything I had, including my sanity. Once he started to notice me, making passes, even going as far as to give me a new, American name Christina his wife had to know that I didn’t come from to Brazil to America with these $80.00 jeans, attending a private college, and sporting a Rolex because I taught your kids their ABC’s! Not at all, I was practicing taking your husband away from you, in your very own house! To be continued….

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