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Squates: Not Shots!


Vanity: Ahead Of Her Time!


Kyle Minogue:Happy Birthday!


Floyd & Josie: The Aftermath

floyd kidsFloyd Mayweather, Josie Harris and their family. (Courtesy of Josie Harris)The example of Mike Tyson hangs over every successful athlete, proof that any amount of wealth can be squandered by fiscal foolery. “It is a scary thought,” Harris says. “Vegas – not a good place for him.


Every outskirt is only 15-20 minutes from The Strip, if not a casino right there he can run to.” Mayweather’s relationship with money is part of his paradox. He covets it, prioritizes it in his career decisions, yet clearly does not have much respect for what he earns. When Mayweather wooed Harris back in 2006, he bought her a $500,000, 25-carat diamond ring. After the attack in 2010, she sold it to finance her new life in California and start a business selling Nappiesaks, a baby shower gift.


He buys Jackson handbags by Birkin and diamonds worth a decade’s salary to many. Associates are rewarded with cars, watches, designer clothes, but easy money inevitably brings nefarious interest. “He has told me people have stolen from him, his house was robbed and they thought it was an inside job,” Harris says.


“The people who are just leeching on … I didn’t like that. I wanted Floyd to run his business like a company. “You [should] clock in and clock out and get a salary, not, ‘I’m going to buy you a Rolex or a car.’ Is it a charity? A very lucky-ass charity. They are getting an extreme donation.


“Floyd will give someone the benefit of the doubt, but as soon as he sees disloyalty or sneakiness, they are out, completely cut off,” she continues. “I have seen where if he would spot them a Rolex he wants it back.” Fame draws attention, but nothing serves as a people-magnet quite like money, especially a man loose with it.


Mayweather’s publicist fired off a toxic letter of disgust when his entourage was described as the equivalent to that of a military dictator. But the number of people around Mayweather is extraordinary, and few go unrewarded

Harris reveals she suffered depression and anxiety after the 2010 incident and that she and the children all had therapy.Time has healed, however, and having found peace and stability in California she is able to deal with Mayweather’s behavioral quirks as his friend, confidante and occasional romantic partner far better than she ever could while they were together.
“I honestly feel he deserves to do whatever he wants with his life. Floyd came from poverty, with his mom on drugs and his dad being abusive. We had kids young and he never had a chance to be successful, famous and single. I think he needs to experience that.”
Mayweather has the cars and the houses and all that jewelry. Harris believes he wanted a loving family life, too, yet with the added perks of girlfriends, mistresses, casual flings and strippers thrown in.Few things sting Harris more than
memories of Christmas Day, 2009. Having reconciled and living together in Las Vegas, Mayweather drove her and the children to a new home, already fully furnished and with the children’s bedrooms decorated. It was for them to live in while he remained at his main residence.
“I was like, ‘That’s not what I want; that’s not what I came back here for,’ ” she says, her voice quivering slightly. “That is where most of the problems began. It showed he was not committed to being a family man. It was not morally acceptable to me.”
Less than a year later, the new property was the scene for Mayweather’s attack

Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan: Student Becomes The Teacher!

941200_160515580791446_356095133_nan Jackie Chan ( in yellow ) 1973.

Aretha Franklin and Tito Jackson: playing a game of backgammon, 1977.


Blue Ivy Carter: 3rd Generation Super Star?

beyonce jr.

LaToya Jackson: Heart Breaker!



For several years, Bobby DeBarge pursued La Toya Jackson of the Jackson family. Switch band mate and best friend Gregory Williams contended that the group’s hit songs, such as “There’ll Never Be” and “I Call Your Name”.

 Were love songs to LaToya, and while he didn’t mention her name, he did mention Jackson’s song “Nighttime Lover” in the Switch ballad, “You & I,” a song he wrote in response to Jackson’s single. Latoya Broke Bobby’s heart by dating and losing her virginity to Diana Ross’s brother Chico Ross!


Naughty By Nature: Back In The Game?


frankknuckles  You down  wit O.P.P.?!??!!! #NaughtybyNature #TheRootscrew #LNJF135f2d46bda011e2ab6822000a1fb191_7








Eve: Love Is Blind



Eve tells Black men to have some seats because she loves her White king!

Rapper Eve recently made headlines for her comments about wanting her future children with her Caucasian boyfriend Maximillion Cooper to be raised “colorblind,” which were met with some criticism from fans and critics online.

Via The Grio reports:

“I don’t want them to see color. I never did,” said 34-year-old Philly native said in an interview with Vibe Vixen. “I grew up in the hood and my mother was very good at it not being a black thing, even though I grew up around all black people. I want them to want to know everything about all kinds of races.”

The emcee, whose new album Lip Lock is in stores now, clarified her “colorblind” statement in a video interview with theGrio, saying she’s surprised that the topic of interracial dating is even relevant to the public anymore.

“At this point it still annoys me that race is such a big issue in 2013,” Eve said in the interview. “Like, get over it.”

During the interview, Eve points to the number of famous black men who have dated and married outside of their race, including the current poster children for interracial dating in hip-hop. Eve believes the media coverage of her love life is disproportionate because she’s a black woman dating a white man.

“What the f**k is the problem?” Eve says, referring to Kardashian and West. “She’s not black. They’re not the same race, but no one says a thing.”

“I don’t understand it,” she adds. “Black men have been doing it for years.”

Jay & Bey: Black Love!


Janet Jackson: Happy Birthday!


Angela Simmons: Business Women



angelasimmons LA meetings! #Work









Kerry & Iman:Evening Of Class!


Scandle star Kerry Washington meets up with legendary supermodel Iman at the Elle & Tod’s celebration of her magazine cover on Wednesday (May 15) at Il Buco Alimentary & Vineria in New York City









Sweet Brown: Reality Tv

sweet-brown-oscarDuring an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Sweet Brown talked about about her endeavor to take on Hollywood, and gave the inside scoop on reality show.

A year ago Sweet Brown became a YouTube celebrity after an interview she gave discussing a house fire became a viral sensation.

Since then the Oklahoma native has appeared in several TV commercials, and will soon star in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film A Madea Christmas.

During an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Sweet Brown talked about her endeavor to take on Hollywood, and gave the inside scoop on her reality show.

She also weighed in on Charles Ramsey, the man from Cleveland who has been hailed as a hero for helping to facilitate the rescue of Amanda Berry.

Ramsey’s initial TV interview also went viral, and Sweet Brown weighed in on his new-found fame.

“One similarity that I see, is that we love people. We gon’ help people,” Sweet Brown said. “What Charles did was great. Because I have daughters and if my kids was missing that long I would want a good Samaritan to rescue my baby. Don’t leave me in the dark. Let me baby come home. So what Charles Ramsey did… I think it was a good thing; thumbs up, Charles.”

In December Sweet Brown will make her big screen debut in Tyler Perry’s film adaptation of his play, A Madea Christmas.

“We filmed it already,” Sweet Brown said. “Tyler is so awesome. He’s very awesome. I would love to work with him again. He just makes you feel at home.”

Next up, Sweet Brown has set her sights on reality TV. She’s started production on her reality show entitled The Sweet Brown’s, which she describes as “a fish out of water, rags to riches series, that’s a combination of The Jeffersons and The Beverly Hillbillies.”

“It’s gonna be hilarious. You’re gonna really crack up,” Sweet Brown says.

As if she’s not busy enough, Sweet Brown also has a few products coming out later this year, including a game application, cookbook, and a BBQ sauce called Oh Lord Jesus it’s a FIRE.

According to her agent, Sweet Brown will appear in a new movie alongside Gabrielle Union and Louis Gossett Jr. and also a comedy described as a female version of The Hangover.

Liberace: Happy Birthday!


Ralph Tresvent: Happy Birthday!


Daphnee Lynn Duplaix: Heritage Edition

2955299905_1_5_ZTqkCUgcModel/ actress Daphnee Lynn Duplaix is Of Haitian, French & Italian descent.

Megan Fox: Happy Birthday!


Saniyyah: Wise Girls Reality Show


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