dark skinDark Girls is a documentary by Bill Dukes with the intended goal of exploring and  raising awareness around “the deep-seated biases and attitudes about  skin color particularly dark skinned women.”  The eye-opening  film originally debuted back in 2011 at the Toronto  International Film Festival and has been creating quite a buzz ever  since.


During an interview with The Root last  year, Duke revealed that witnessing the pain endured by little Black  girls who wished they look like someone else is what really inspired him  to put the project together.

“From observing the unfortunate pain that friends of  mine’s children are still going through.

Just yesterday we were at the  Links. A beautiful dark-skinned woman was at the desk,  and she said to me, ‘I’m so glad you’re making this film.’ I said,  ‘Thank you.’ She said: ‘You don’t understand. A few days ago, my  daughter, who’s as dark as me, came home crying that they were calling  her ‘blackie’ and all of these names at the playground at her  school.’This is not something that happened 50 years ago; this is  happening now.”

Duke went on to say that he hopes his documentary will bring about healing.

“[I hope] to create a discussion, because in discussion  there’s healing, and in silence there is suffering. Somehow if you can  speak it and get it out, healing starts.”
“I think the deepest part is we learned our own prejudices and we  learned our own indoctrinations.


We learned where our own standards of  beauty came from, what were our preferences and why were we making those  decisions in terms of women. ”“You know you think your conscious is right; as you dig deeper in to  the core of these issues, it’s a self-discovery process as well. And  when you start facing those issues, they are not painless, let’s put it  that way. And so this self-discovery process was part of it.”

It was officially announced yesterday that Dark Girls will make its television debut on the Oprah Winfrey Network in June.

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