A private jet carrying Chris Brown was forced to make an  emergency landing in Burbank yesterday after the cockpit filled with smoke after  takeoff … TMZ has learned.

We’ve confirmed … Brown boarded a  Gulfstream 3 jet in Burbank and was headed for Teterboro, NJ … so he could  attend the Met Gala event.

But sources tell us … roughly 7 to 8  minutes into the flight, everyone on board began to notice smoke filling the  plane.

One source told us, “It was A LOT of smoke …  everywhere.”

The pilot immediately turned the plane around and performed  an emergency landing back at Burbank airport.

We’re told the passengers  were scared … but the pilot was cool, calm and collected … and couldn’t have  handled the situation better.

Here’s the crazy part — after the plane  touched down, Brown decided he STILL wanted to get to the Met Gala event in NY  … and boarded ANOTHER private jet within an hour of touching down.

Brown eventually made it to Teterboro … but he didn’t make the Met  Gala event. However, he DID make it to an after-party, where he arrived with a  smile (see picture above).

Question is … would YOU get back on a plane  after an emergency landing?


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