A snob was born September 11, 1986 and raised in Detroit Michigan. Through adversity, passion, ambition, and God I am here to share my story thus far. My early successes started with a vision and a plan. My father instilled this practice in me always stressing execution and planning to me. Motivated by my father since I could remember I’ve wanted to “Take Over the World” longing for an elite lifestyle , since a child I have had a love for hair, fashion and glamor. My quest began in 2006 at age 19 taking my talents to Atlanta Georgia.


“building a brand for women all around the world”


I officially enrolled into Aveda Beauty Institute at 21 and was licensed at 22, by 23 I was ready to officially take on the world and start my empire. Since then I have been building a brand for women all around the world to feel apart of and become involved. Not only through my styling, extensions and hair care products but also through various charity works dedicated to women and various entities that I support or contribute to the growth of.


I am building my empire for all women with the means to inspire all to be the Queen of their dreams and remembering to bring others up with you and to spread your blessings.


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