Before Chris Brown there was Al Green, Al has been charged, accused, and named in several cases involving domestic violence against women, including once incident, that involved a alleged suicide of a female groupie, who allegedly committed suicide in his Memphis home.

In 1974, singer Al Green was charged in a $100,000 civil suit for allegedly beating Linda Wills in his Memphis office. According to Wills, the violence started after she asked Green, why she had been fired from her job as a business manager at Al Green Music Publishing.


Both parties also had a heated dispute about back pay-and without warning, Green allegedly started beating her Wills was allegedly taken to a hospital by Green’s sister where she was treated for contusions, bruises and bleeding from the head.

This case was eventually settled out of court In 1979, Al Green was cleared of assault and battery on another woman (Lovie Smith).

*It’s been rumored for years that Al Green and Patti LaBelle got into a heated altercation (backstage) when they were appearing in a play. Allegedly, the argument ensued when it was revealed that Patti (was taking time off) from the play to attend her sister’s funeral.

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