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Photographer /Makeup /hair stylist


Willa’s natural talent and eye for artistry has inspired her to create looks for models and every day women.
Willa’s diverse background and experience shows in her artistic talent and unique approach to design. Whether in the salon, or at a photo shoot, Willa exudes professionalism, dedication and reliability and has a true passion for making others feel and look glamorous.

25 year old celebrity hair stylist Ms. Willa Kennedy has got this internet marketing thing down!! By now you’ve probably seen her work and follow her on Instagram and Facebook .. or maybe you caught up with her at a salon near you during her multi-city styling tour.. either way.. her name rings bells!
Ms.Willa specializes in flawless cut, colored & curled sew-in weaves. Her brightly colored style…s have been shared, re-posted and re-tweeted more than any other styles I’ve seen on the net. And whether you’re a fan of hair weaves or not.. there is no denying Ms. Willa’s marketing skills! Between interacting with over 300,000 facebook fans and traveling from city to city, Willa has created an international brand in just a few years.
Willa work can be described as crisp, clean and classically elegant. Her philosophy is that she does not create masks for women to hide behind, but enhances the beauty that is already there. Whether she is working on Photo shoots , Fashion Shows, at the Salon or Video shoots, her philosophy can be seen in her work.

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