gordy1_thumbTHE BERRY GORDY STORY Prt1.
Mr Berry Gordy Jr was the most important non-performer in the history of Rock & Roll.During the years from 1959-1971 when his Motown Record Company headquartered in Detroit,Gordy Jr established it as the largest and most successful undependent record label in The US and a major force in the integration of popular music.


Over the years the Motown Sound has become a genre of music in itelf around the world,and its stars and hit songs have added luster to many feature films,television productions and documentaries.Berry Gordy Jr was born on Nov 28th 1929 in Detroit,Michigan,he was the 7th of 8 children raised by Berry ”Pops” Gordy and his wife Bertha who had moved from their family from Georgia to the Motor City in 1922.


The Gordy family was close-knit and hard work was stressed. The children were expected to work in either the family owned grocery  store or its plaster contracting business in Detroits inner City.

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