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Alexandra Shipp: AALIYAH Project



 Lifetime Television has sent out a press release with even more details.

“Before Beyoncé and before Rihanna, self-proclaimed “street but sweet” Aaliyah was poised to become a global icon with top-selling albums, a hot movie career and an adoring fan base.

The film follows the beautiful and talented performer’s inspirational journey, from her debut on Star Search at the age of ten to the challenges she faced during her rise to become the Princess of R&B. 

On August 25, 2001, at the height of her popularity, her life was tragically cut short when a plane carrying the singer and some of her video crew crashed after takeoff from a Bahamian runway. Although just 22-years-old at the time of her death, Aaliyah continues to lead a legacy as Billboard’s tenth most famous R&B artist of the past 25 years and one of the recording industry’s most successful artists in history.

Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B also stars:

Rachael Crawford and Sterling Jarvis as Aaliyah’s parents Diane and Mike Haughton; 

A.J. Saudin (Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Aaliyah’s brother Rashad Haughton;

Lyriq Bent (Saw IV) as her uncle and music manager Barry Hankerson. 

The film also stars Anthony Grant as Damon Dash, 

Izaak Smith (Mirror, Mirror) as Timbaland, 

Elise Neal (The Soul Man) as Gladys Knight and 

Chattrisse Dolabaille (Home Away) as Missy Elliot.


Kid Capri & Aaliyah


Aaliyah Dana Haughton ( January 16, 1979- August 25, 2001)



Remembering a Singer, Actress, and Model Aaliyah, on the 13th Anniversary of her death.

On This Day In Music: 2001, American singer, actress Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas aged 22. The small Cessna plane crashed a few minutes after take off killing everyone on board with exception to four passengers who were pulled from the wreckage but later died. Aaliyah had been filming a video for her latest release ‘Rock The Boat’ on the island.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001), who performed under the mononym Aaliyah (play /ɑːˈliːə/), was an American recording artist, actress and model. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 10, she appeared on the television show Star Search and performed in concert alongside Gladys Knight.

At age 12, Aaliyah signed with Jive Records and her uncle Barry Hankerson’s Blackground Records. Hankerson introduced her to R. Kelly, who became her mentor, as well as lead songwriter and producer of her debut album, Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. The album sold three million copies in the United States and was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). After facing allegations of an illegal marriage with R. Kelly, Aaliyah ended her contract with Jive and signed with Atlantic Records.

Aaliyah worked with record producers Timbaland and Missy Elliott for her second album, One in a Million; it sold 3.7 million copies in the United States and over eight million copies worldwide. In 2000, Aaliyah appeared in her first major film, Romeo Must Die. She contributed to the film’s soundtrack, which spawned the single “Try Again”.

The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 solely on airplay, making Aaliyah the first artist in Billboard history to achieve this feat. “Try Again” earned Aaliyah a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female R&B Vocalist.

After completing Romeo Must Die, Aaliyah filmed her part in Queen of the Damned. She released her third and final album, Aaliyah, in July 2001. On August 25, 2001, Aaliyah and eight others were killed in an airplane crash in The Bahamas after filming the music video for the single “Rock the Boat”. The pilot, Luis Morales III, was unlicensed at the time of the accident and had traces of cocaine and alcohol in his system.

Aaliyah’s family later filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Blackhawk International Airways, which was settled out of court. Since then, Aaliyah’s music has continued to achieve commercial success with several posthumous releases.

Aaliyah is estimated to have sold 24 to 32 million albums worldwide. She has been credited for helping redefine contemporary R&B and hip hop, earning her the nicknames “Princess of R&B” and “Queen of Urban Pop”. She is listed by Billboard as the tenth most successful female R&B artist of the past 25 years, and 27th most successful R&B artist overall.

2oth Anniversary: Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number


20th Anniversary of Aaliyah’s debut album age ain’t Nothing but A number.

Aaliyah Dana Haughten: Happy 35th Birthday!


                                                                                                                                                                  One In A Million
Love it babe(repeat 12 times in groups of 3)
(1st verse) Baby you don’t know What you do to me between me and you I feel a chemistry. i won’t let no one come and take your place Cause the love you give it can’t be replaced. see No one else loves me like you do That’s why I don’t mind to Spend my life with you I Wanna please you in  any way I can I Wanna share my world and don’t you understand.
(chorus) Your love is a one in a million It goes on and on and on You give me a really good feelin’ all day long your love is one in a million It goes on and on and on You give me a really good feelin’ all day long
( 2nd verse) turn me inside out, Make my heart speak Need no one else you’re all I need Personality(ty),and everything you do(do) Makes me love everything ’bout you. Your smile, Your style, so fly, I can’t deny.IGotta crush on you and that is true indeed Now I’m diggin’ you, you makin me believe.
(bridge Repeat 2x) I’ll give you anything you want from me Anything you want, Anything you need, Anything your soul desires.
(chorus 2x)
Love it babe(until fade)



Pac & Babygirl: Gone Too Soon…


Aaliyah: Living Doll


Kidada & Aaliyah: Best Friends For Life

KAMe and Aaliyah met at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show that I styled in about ’93. She had really small feet and so did I and she didn’t have shoes for the show so I remember loaning her my shoes. Then we met again on the Tommy Hilfiger photo shoot when we were both in the ad.

You know when the dogs are at the dog park and they run up to each other and their tails wag and they smell each other? It was just easy. As soon as we met we just started talking and that was it. We were like four or five years apart. We were into fashion, music, boys, pop culture. Sense of humor, that’s what I would say was our common ground.

We used to do prank call after prank call. Once we pranked my dad [Quincy Jones] and she acted like she was Christina Aguilera. She was asking my dad to do something on her record and she was just singing, and he totally believed it was her. When he was like, What number can I call you back at? she gave him my home number. He still didn’t realize that it was us! I called him right after and he goes, Christina Aguilera just called me, but then he looked up the number and he figured it out.

Her mom allowed me to be her guardian for a little bit. I was a few years older so when she went to Europe, I was the guardian—which was a complete and total nightmare. I’ll keep it mild, but it was just young fun and maybe I didn’t really understand the boundaries. We got in trouble quite a few times, but she was the funniest friend. A lot of friends have quarrels, and maybe we had a couple disagreements, but our friendship was based on going out and having a great time. We ate breakfast late at night.

We got our nails done a lot. We shopped a lot—when no one even knew what Kitson was, we would be there all the time. We spent a lot of time getting matching outfits and clothes. We had boyfriends at the same time, so we would get them the same presents. We even vacationed together, we went to Fiji.

We did a lot of making up dances. We had one to “Too Close” by Next—that was our JAM! When we would go to the club we would dance together like those two girls in House Party. We did it all the time! Every time we got to a dancing place we’d end up doing the House Party dance. Right in the middle of the party! I mean, we didn’t even care! People just thought we were stupid.

think about her all the time. She was so sweet. She just left like a sweet coating over everything. Anytime she’s brought up or her music comes on the radio, it’s sweet, but it definitely sounds like she found a niche before it was here. If you listen to her music it’s so relevant today, but we had it so long ago.

There was an edgier side to her that people didn’t know. She was more forward thinking than most people. Deeper. She was fine spending time alone. She was a thinker. A little risky in fashion, she was trendsetting. We were in the process of starting a girl’s clothing line, it was called Dolly Pop. Right when she passed we were getting ready to sign our contracts for that. We were making plans for this brand that was gonna be girly and cute and have Japanese inspiration. This was seven or eight years ago, so the whole Japanese inspiration wasn’t at the forefront.

Her instinct was definitely forward and a little brave. She was a risk-taker. She absolutely pioneered the whole falsetto over a heartbeat, and the whole feminine-meets-tomboy mysterious dance routine. That’s her. She very much paved that way for girls. And then you see those girls go from girl to woman. From her first video to her last video, you see Aaliyah go from teenage girl to woman. She evolved at a really nice pace.

Kidada Jones was Aaliyah’s best friend. She is an actress, model, and jewelry and fashion designer.

Missy Elliot: Aaliyah’s Angel

Aaliyah-and-MissyMe and Timbaland flew to Detroit. They was testing us out to see if we could make a hit record for Aaliyah, because she was coming off the project for R Kelly and I guess they wanted to try some new producers. We was kinda nervous because we hadn’t done records for any artists of that caliber, but when we first met her, she treated us like she knew us for years, like we grew up with her. She was always very sweet, always smiling and she made us feel like we was big producers when we didn’t have no record out. Even coming off a big album, she never once treated us like we were beneath her.


Me and Tim, our sound was so far left that it was kinda hard for people. They liked it, but they didn’t know if they really liked it, because it was so different from everything else on the radio. But the weird thing was, as soon as we did “One in a Million,” she immediately thought it was a hit. We didn’t have to convince her, she was like, I’m telling you, this is hot. I knew then there was a chemistry. She wasn’t close-minded. She was an artist that got it.
After that, we became family. She was my little sister and Tim was my brother. And we became the Supafriends! We felt like we was gonna save the world. We was gonna change music every chance that we got. We felt like we was gonna always be family. Forever.


think when “If Your Girl Only Knew” first came out, people kinda said, Oh, she got a new sound. But then when “One in a Million” came out, the beat and the melody were so different from anything. I was in a club one night, the DJ took it back TEN TIMES, no lie. And this was in the middle of him playing, like, Biggie records and Tupac records, and here goes “One in a Million” in the middle of all this street rap! That’s when I said, OK, this is something different—we are going somewhere else, we are kind of switching the sound.


Sometimes when I’m talking to Ciara, we’ll bring Aaliyah into the conversation. I know that she would be somewhere in outerspace at this moment, because she grabbed onto the same mentality that we had: be risky. We always said we don’t want somebody else to do it before we do it, so let’s just take it there. How do you know if people are gonna like it or not if you don’t at least try it?

never seen Aaliyah get mad. She was always so relaxed and reserved. I remember one time at an awards show, me and her and Tim went and got these outfits. I ain’t dressed like somebody else since junior high school, but we all got these Pony burgundy outfits. We was so mad cause we felt like she’s gonna win, and she didn’t get anything! And she was like, It’s cool. But us, we was like, Nah, man, that One in a Million album was a classic! But she was like, I’m just happy to be nominated. I never seen her go out of character. She was always sweet and caring and compassionate. Just a good person.


With the sunglasses, I think it was just persona. I mean, she was always a star, but when people can’t see your eyes, they really don’t know how you looking. Your eyes tell a lot, and by her covering them, they really never knew what her personality was. I think once she took the sunglasses off and got into her girl clothes, it was like, Wow, she’s grown. I think people started to feel like they knew her.
Even though she had the big baggy pants on, there was still like a sex appeal. She was like that round the way girl, cause at that time, you had a lot of females dressing in baggy clothes. She kind of related to the regular chicks but at the same time she had a sex appeal to her, so I think it translated. It was a mystique and it gave her room to keep growing each album.

I still get guys that are like, I used to love me some Aaliyah, or, I got her on my screensaver. I think every guy had a crush on Aaliyah. If a guy tried to approach her, she was always nice, but you know, it wasn’t like, OK, I’m gonna call you in an hour! But she was always like, Thank you so much, and that was that. She was very focused on her music and her family, so I don’t think she really took to anything they said, until her third album, when she was like, OK, I’m grown now. Maybe I’ll give you a call.

Right before she did Queen of the Damned, she came to my hotel and she had these huge gold teeth from one of those comedy stores. I kept begging her to do the lines, and she was doin them with these big teeth that was sticking out of her mouth. And we just laughed and laughed and laughed, over and over again. That was my last, greatest memory because, like, she’s a clown! She liked to have fun.

I was in Jamaica when I found out she passed. Somebody called me, but there were so many different rumors on other artists like Luther [Vandross] and Whitney [Houston] at the time that I really cursed another artist out cause I thought they were playin. People were calling cause they thought me and Tim was with her. Then when they started saying this person was with her and this person and this person, I kept hanging up on people. But when I called Tim I could tell something was wrong.

It’s like losing a family member. It’s not like Aaliyah the superstar, the celebrity. It’s like my little sister. You feel empty, you feel in shock, you feel angry. That’s a feeling I can’t even really explain.
Most people look at her as an angel. That’s what she was. I’m not saying that because people feel like they have to say great things because somebody passed away.


It is what it is. She was a sweet person with great, incredible talent who didn’t compromise who she was for the world. It was like: I’m gonna be a trendsetter, I’m gonna be an icon, even when I’m gone, you gonna always remember me.
Missy Elliott is a rapper, producer and songwriter who, with Timbaland, wrote several Aaliyah hits including “One in a Million,” “If Your Girl Only Knew,” “4 Page Letter” and “I Care 4 U.”



Aaliyah: Perfection….




12yre after R&B star Aaliyah’s tragic and sudden death, people are still talking about her private life? theirs rumors circulating that she had a close, and sexual relationship with best friend Kidada Jones. I’ve heard rumors of Aaliyah being involved with females when she was in high school, several females, Val, Geoye, just to name a few. I’ve dismissed these as rumors, because I never seen anything with my own eyes. We had the same friends, even thou her circle was extremely tight, and private, everybody, she only associated herself with the elite crowd, knows everybody in Detroit.

People are saying that she became turned out when she entered the Music Industry, and became the underage bride of Music Entertainer Robert Kelly. Some say, that it started as early as elementary school, whatever the case might be, all are rumors, until someone release the alleged sex tape that was made between her, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Rosario Dawson, Kidada Jones, and Sara Gilbert. The gossip mills have said that Aaliyah has slept with Actress Stacey Dash , the cousin of her fiancée Damon Dash, Missy Elliot, Kidada Jones, Rosario Dawson, Jay-z, Guiwin, dmx, Model Carmen Kass, Mimi Valdez, writer dream Hampton, Hannah kang. Kidada Jones have remained quite in regards to her friend’s death, and I respect her privacy. As we all know the gossip mills, websites, blogs will say anything in regards to a individuals sexuality dead, or alive, substantial evidence  altogether they held her accountable for Damon Dash/ Jay-z break up and the end of ROC.

Accusation will remain in the cause of her untimely death, speculates  have went as far to say that her accident was caused by her, rushing back to New York to break the news to her then fiancée Damon Dash that she was pregnant with his child, did Aaliyah know about his relationship with  Rachel Roy? Dash was involved with Rachel and Aliyah at the same time while being with Aaliyah in public

Daughter Ava Dash  born on Dec 7, 1999, Tallulah born May 14, 2008. was Damon engaged to both women at the same time? I’m not sure, but I believe Aaliyah  maintained a certain mystery about herself, that a lot of  entertainers need to acquire in this day, age, and time, being distinctive, considerably, and one of the most perfectly, and utterly beautiful, talented, extraordinaire Artist of her generation, she’s a timeless beauty, that had a strong presents, about herself, her ability to win you over with her gorgeous smile, the way she carried herself, she also was able to speak in such a manner, that you knew after speaking to her that she’s highly educated Aaliyah young women stars like her are very seldom


Aaliyah Biography

Why has the Aaliyah album been pushed back for the 3rd time? What happened to the tell all book that a close family friend was supposed to release? Has anyone ever came forward with the diary that was allegedly stolen from Aaliyah’s Detroit River Front condo, after her divorce from R. Kelly? Theirs so many secrets when its comes to Ms. Haughtons personal life, and as a fan I respect that, that is what separates her from artist today, she was, and will always remain a very mysteries and personal individual. So many celebrites loose there lukelure, and magic because their a open book, nothing is guarded or private, the public loose interest when they have too much access to your private lives.


Aaliyah – Michael Haughton (Aaliyah’s dad) died last year. He was buried with Aaliyah caused of death is unknown, some say he’s been ill since his daughters untimely death in August, 2001.

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