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Floyd Patterson VS. Sonny Liston: This Day In History




Floyd Patterson was knocked out by Sonny Liston in the first round and loses his world heavyweight boxing title, September 25, 1962.

Josie Harris:Women Scorne


Jack Johnson (1878-1946)




“I’m black… They never let me forget it. I’m black alright… I’ll never let them forget it.” -Jack Johnson (1878-1946)


Muhammad Ali:Above The Ring!


Louis & Robinson: Boxing Legends


Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson left us on the same day 8 years apart. Joe Louis past April 12, 1981 and Sugar Ray Robinson past April 12, 1989.

Ali and Co:Daddy Girl!

People assume I’m daddy’s girl because I followed my dads footsteps…but my sister Hana is actually the one! Love them both infinitely!

Floyd Mayweather:International player!

Up early eating breakfast on the balcony of my Presidential Suite in Hawaii. Just enjoying life!

Muhammad Ali and The Beatles 1964




Considered somewhat of a black sheep in the family because of his lack f success at school,Berry Gordy grew up near Hastings Street,an exciting area on Detroits EastSide and a centre for black music,nightlife,gambling and street hustling of every type.Young Berry was inspired by the success of young stars such as Nat King Cole,Louis Jordan,Billy Eckstine and The Mills Brothers.

He dreamed of making it big in music rather than spending his life working in one of the family businesses.Gordy also idolised boxing champs Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson who were demonstrating yet another way out  and into a world of fame  and fortune.

Berry eventually dropped out of high school and started boxing at The Brewster Centre,a city run recreational facility for inner city kids located near the black bottom area,located close to The Detroit River.There,

Berry began working with the soon to be famous trainer Eddie Futch.Boxing mostly as a featherweight(126 pounds),Gordy had 15 fights and posted a very respectable record of 10 wins,three losses and 2 draws.

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) Michael and Marlon

ali and mike

Leon Spinks:Happy Birthday!


Marvin Gaye & The Champ

Muhammad Ali and Marvin Gaye1002394_179706268872377_1314685709_n

Mayweather vs. Alvarez: The Face Off!

They’ve had face offs in 8 cities but they continue to intensify! Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez face off in Houston!1044684_10151455335215756_1201711567_n

Mike Tyson: Happy BIRTHDAY!


Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jimmy Doyle: Death Match

sugar ray#2

Floyd Mayweather: Wins Big On The Miami Heat


Boxer Floyd ” Money” Mayweather is said to have made a bet of $5.9 Million on the Miami heat game last night,Mayweather bet more than $5.9 million on the Miami Heat minus-7 to defeat the Indiana Pacers in Game 7 is true.

 Yahoo! Sports was unable to reach either Mayweather or Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, to verify the report.

 Mayweather frequently tweets photos of his betting slips. Usually, but not always, the tweets are of winning tickets. In a fascinating Sept. 12, 2012, story on, writer Dermot Hunt noted that between August 2010 and February 2012, Mayweather tweeted photos of 46 betting slips totaling nearly $3.9 million in wagers. According to Hunt’s record-keeping, Mayweather won all 46, making a profit of $3,938,722.87.

 If Mayweather did make the bet on the Heat and he won, he’d earn a profit of $6.49 million.


Floyd Mayweather: $5.9 Million Dollar Challenge!


Floyd & Josie: The Aftermath

floyd kidsFloyd Mayweather, Josie Harris and their family. (Courtesy of Josie Harris)The example of Mike Tyson hangs over every successful athlete, proof that any amount of wealth can be squandered by fiscal foolery. “It is a scary thought,” Harris says. “Vegas – not a good place for him.


Every outskirt is only 15-20 minutes from The Strip, if not a casino right there he can run to.” Mayweather’s relationship with money is part of his paradox. He covets it, prioritizes it in his career decisions, yet clearly does not have much respect for what he earns. When Mayweather wooed Harris back in 2006, he bought her a $500,000, 25-carat diamond ring. After the attack in 2010, she sold it to finance her new life in California and start a business selling Nappiesaks, a baby shower gift.


He buys Jackson handbags by Birkin and diamonds worth a decade’s salary to many. Associates are rewarded with cars, watches, designer clothes, but easy money inevitably brings nefarious interest. “He has told me people have stolen from him, his house was robbed and they thought it was an inside job,” Harris says.


“The people who are just leeching on … I didn’t like that. I wanted Floyd to run his business like a company. “You [should] clock in and clock out and get a salary, not, ‘I’m going to buy you a Rolex or a car.’ Is it a charity? A very lucky-ass charity. They are getting an extreme donation.


“Floyd will give someone the benefit of the doubt, but as soon as he sees disloyalty or sneakiness, they are out, completely cut off,” she continues. “I have seen where if he would spot them a Rolex he wants it back.” Fame draws attention, but nothing serves as a people-magnet quite like money, especially a man loose with it.


Mayweather’s publicist fired off a toxic letter of disgust when his entourage was described as the equivalent to that of a military dictator. But the number of people around Mayweather is extraordinary, and few go unrewarded

Harris reveals she suffered depression and anxiety after the 2010 incident and that she and the children all had therapy.Time has healed, however, and having found peace and stability in California she is able to deal with Mayweather’s behavioral quirks as his friend, confidante and occasional romantic partner far better than she ever could while they were together.
“I honestly feel he deserves to do whatever he wants with his life. Floyd came from poverty, with his mom on drugs and his dad being abusive. We had kids young and he never had a chance to be successful, famous and single. I think he needs to experience that.”
Mayweather has the cars and the houses and all that jewelry. Harris believes he wanted a loving family life, too, yet with the added perks of girlfriends, mistresses, casual flings and strippers thrown in.Few things sting Harris more than
memories of Christmas Day, 2009. Having reconciled and living together in Las Vegas, Mayweather drove her and the children to a new home, already fully furnished and with the children’s bedrooms decorated. It was for them to live in while he remained at his main residence.
“I was like, ‘That’s not what I want; that’s not what I came back here for,’ ” she says, her voice quivering slightly. “That is where most of the problems began. It showed he was not committed to being a family man. It was not morally acceptable to me.”
Less than a year later, the new property was the scene for Mayweather’s attack

Joe Louis: Happy Birthday!


Floyd & Josie: The Ex-Files…..

Harris hasn’t seen “30 Days in May”, but has heard plenty about it, her phone blowing up with texts and calls within moments of the first screening. As we chat, she enjoys hearing of a bizarre scene filmed immediately before Mayweather was driven to jail, where he held out a wad of cash and Jackson grasped it a little too eagerly, and his parting final words were orders of where to store his Benz rather than any declaration of love.

Harris is more amused to hear of footage of his Atlanta hotel after-party with a bevy of naked strippers than the general theme of the documentary that sought to minimize his apparent guilt.”The story they are not telling is they are saying this in front of the kids that he did it in front of,” Harris said. “You are calling your son a liar. You are calling your daughter a liar. You are calling your eldest son a liar.”

Talking about it riles Harris, but her long-standing feelings for Mayweather are never far beneath the surface. She can’t accept what he did, but neither will she forget the long hours with him training in a stinking gym in the Vegas “ghetto” soon after he moved out from Michigan, accompanied only by uncle Roger and a couple of friends.And she recalls when he would go out on late-night training runs and she would rollerblade behind. Or later, when she would drive with the kids, going so slowly that passing drivers honked in frustration.

Part of boxing’s mystique has long been its relationship with the grittier side of society. While Mayweather seems unable to control his personal life, his boxing discipline is just as unshakeable as ever. Jailbird Mayweather just gives the advertising gurus a juicy extra hook.

Guerrero might be a four-weight champion, but he is relatively unknown in the wider sporting community. He will attempt what 42 others (Mayweather has beaten Jose Luis Castillo twice) have tried and failed. Defeating Mayweather has become boxing’s Holy Grail, but since a split-decision win over Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, no one has come close.

So what motivates Floyd Mayweather Jr. when the challenges are minimal and the challengers out-matched? What keeps his focus laser-guided as madness swirls in his personal life”It is the money,” Harris said. “And not to get hit. He really does believe getting hit a lot causes damage so being defensive is a good balance. He wants to be around to see his kids have kids.


That is huge to him.”If preparation is the necessity, and winning the formality, money is the prize.”That is the reward. He prides himself off that more than the belts,” says Harris. “He loves that he can hop on a private jet or buy any watch or buy any ring.

“In the existence of Floyd Mayweather Jr., anything can, and probably will happen. He is an unscripted man with a life that does not conform to either social norm or any rules other than his own.
Expect the unexpected, the bizarre, the scandalous.Just don’t expect him to lose, because that is the one thing that will never be allowed to be considered.”Floyd doesn’t put himself in a position where he can lose,” Harris said. “You can take that how you want to.”

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