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The Hair Broker LLC: The Finest Mane


The Hair Broker LLC produces 100% Pure, Raw, Unprocessed hair from Chennai India. Not Asia, Japan, Korea, or China.  The Hair is cut from the temples, not from the base of the head, therefore producing  less shedding, no short hairs, and we use the hand tied weft method, insuring you the thinnest, finest, and most durable weft available on the market. Our hair lasts years with proper care, minimum heat usage, and the finest hair care products.

The Hair Broker LLC Provides the worlds finest Hair Extensions.

The Hair broker LLC, we are committed to ensuring that each and every one  of our clients received the absolute best quality product, excellent customer service, helpful  maintenance and styling tips and  is fully satisfied with our product.

The Hair Broker LLC.  Supplies  37 types of of Exotic Virgin Human hair from around the world, we supply the industry with 100% Virgin Human hair from India, therefore we sell, market, and produce a better quality of hair, as well as a larger selection . we sell hair by the Oz to the kilogram.


Specifications of our hair brand are as follows:


No Acid bath, no shedding, Shredding, no tangling, no knots, no animal hair added, single drawn, full cuticle, re-useable, no synthetic  blend, no silicon coating, cuticle correct 100% Human Virgin Hair.

We offer a large selection of hair extensions.

 37 Different Textures,27 Types Of Patterns,20 Different Countries,7 Types of Hair Wefts, 34 Different Colors, 10 Different Curls Patterns, and 16 Different Lengths.

Each bundle is hand selected, and comes from 1-2 single donors and weights 3.5-4.oz each.

The Hair brokers LLC Whole sale hair company guaranteed  that our product is the purest, most natural Grade AAA Quality hair on the market.



(310) 819-0586

Email : the

Business Address:

10170 w. Tropicana Ave. #144

Las Vegas NV, 89147

Stevie Wonder: This Day In Music



On This Day In Music: In 1971, On his twenty-first birthday Stevie Wonder received his childhood earnings. He received $1 million.

In addition, Stevie Wonder independently recorded two albums, which he used as a bargaining tool while negotiating with Motown. Eventually the label agreed to his demands for full creative control (at that time the only artists to have that) and the rights to his own songs.

The 120-page contract was a precedent at Motown and gave Wonder a much higher royalty rate and a stipulation that stated, if Motown was to ever be sold that he gets to keep his publishing’s and he would have to approve the buyers). Stevie Wonder is one of the only artists that never recorded for anyone but Motown.

Diana Ross: 50th Anniversary (1964-2014)



Documentary celebrating the career of Motown legend Ms. Diana Ross 50th Anniversary in the music business!

Ulysses Lee “Junior” Bridgeman: 400 Million Dollar Man!


Pop quiz #1: In 1975, which newly drafted player did the Lakers trade away to acquire superstar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? If you guessed Junior Bridgeman, you are correct. Pop quiz #2: As of April 2014, who is the second largest owner of Wendy’s franchises in America? Once again, the correct answer is… Junior Bridgeman. As an NBA player, Junior Bridgeman had a moderately successful 12-year career playing for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers.

To be completely honest, his NBA career was kind of unremarkable. So why are we writing about him on Celebrity Net Worth? Well, as you may know, retirement can be a very painful experience for many NBA players. According to a study conducted by Sports Illustrated, a staggering 60% of NBA players are completely broke within five years of retiring. Junior Bridgeman did not go down this route. Instead, Junior Bridgeman is a shining light of inspiration. A man who every athlete should admire and study.

his 12-year NBA career (10 with Milwaukee, two with the Clippers), Bridgeman was mostly a sixth man. For nine consecutive seasons he averaged double figures in scoring. He holds the Milwaukee franchise record for number of games played at 711, though he only started in 105 of those games.

Bridgeman was a good basketball player, solid and steady. His professional career lasted from 1975 to 1987, in the era just before players were paid crazy amounts of money. Players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson made the bulk of their money from endorsement deals, but still made a lot of money in the NBA – close to $100 million for Jordan. Bridgeman never saw anywhere close to that kind of money during his NBA days. His peak salary was $350,000 from the Clippers in 1985.

Unlike most athletes, Junior was quick to realize that his window of time in the NBA would be relatively short. At some point the paychecks would stop coming in and he would need to find a new source of steady income. So, on a whim, Junior decided to purchase a franchise of his favorite fast food restaurant: Wendy’s. While other NBA players hung out during the off season doing God knows what, Bridgeman was working in local Wendy’s—learning his burgeoning business from every angle and building a foundation for the rest of his and his family’s lives. By the time his playing days were over, Junior owned three Wendy’s.

Over the next few years, Junior slowly expanded Bridgeman Foods INC. Three locations grew to six. Six grew to ten. Ten grew to twenty and so on. Business boomed thanks largely to Junior’s highly dedicated work ethic. Instead of sitting back and collecting checks from a beach in the Bahamas, Junior was frequently seen behind the counters working at his own restaurants.

Here’s an amazing anecdote: One day, a customer recognized Junior in his Wendy’s uniform making French fries. The customer was shocked and immediately called into a local sports talk radio show to say how sad it was to see a formerly great NBA player down on his luck, forced to work in fast food asking people “do you want fries with that?” Oh, the irony!

After nearly 25 years in business, Bridgeman Foods INC operates more than 160 Wendy’s and more than 120 Chili’s franchises in America today. Bridgeman employs over 11,000 people and has annual revenues in excess of $530 million dollars. Possibly looking to follow Junior’s lead, current NBA player Chauncey Billups recently invested money into some Wendy’s franchises. Junior is the second largest Wendy’s franchise owner in the world and frequently listed as one of the most admired business leaders in America. His personal net worth today tops $400 million. That’s just $250 million shy of Michael Jordan. That’s also $380 million MORE than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s current net worth of $20 million :)

When not running his fast food empire, Junior Bridgeman likes to play golf and, in fact, is on the board of directors of the PGA. He has been married to his wife Doris for more than 35 years. The couple has three adult children who all have MBAs and work in the family business. Junior Bridgeman is a private man who has built a heck of a fortune, family, and life. He recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity. Thanks to a lot of hard work, that opportunity made him an extremely wealthy and admired man.


Foxy Brown: 40th Anniversary!


Foxy Brown circa April 5, 1974. Starring Antonio Fargas as Link Brown.

Foxy decides to pose as a prostitute to infiltrate the company, and helps save a fellow black woman from a life of drugs and sexual exploitation. This leads Foxy to a variety of revenge-themed set pieces — often violent and sexual — that range from cremating sex slave dealers to castrating a foe and presenting his severed genitals to his girlfriend.

Black Belt Jones:40th Anniversary!


1453348_645321368855860_69355041_nToday is the 40th Anniversary of Black Belt Jones circa March 24, 1974. Black Belt Jones OST circa 1974

Michael Jackson: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

michael jackson rock roll of fame michael jackson (7)


Today in 2001, Michael Jackson was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.

Smokey VS. Claudette




Soul icon Smokey Robinson is suing his ex-wife Claudette Rogers Robinson to prevent her from profiting from songs he wrote during their 27-year marriage.

The veteran singer is reclaiming the rights to tracks penned before 1978 from bosses at Jobete Music Co. under the copyright termination law, which allows musicians to recover control of their tunes after 35 years.

However, he wants a judge to make it clear that his former The Miracles bandmate Rogers Robinson, who he divorced in 1986, will not be entitled to 50 per cent of any future income the tracks generate, after she demanded half of all interest, royalties and advances from the songs in question, citing California’s community property law.

The legendary musician insists his ex’s claims are “incorrect” and is seeking a declaratory judgement to terminate and “recapture” the copyrights to tunes he wrote and co-wrote for The Miracles and The Temptations, such as My Girl, Tears of a Clown, You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me and Get Ready, as well as hits he helped create for other Motown artists early on in his career, like Marvin Gaye, Mary Wells and Brenda Holloway.

In legal papers filed in Federal Court in California, the 74 year old’s lawyers write, “Defendant did not write any part of the musical compositions at issue. Plaintiff wrote them during the parties’ marriage, which ended in 1986…

“(The) 1976 Copyright Act expressly provides that these ‘recaptured’ copyrights belong to the author alone, which is plaintiff. Moreover, the 1976 Copyright Act precludes any transfer of those copyrights before the terminations themselves are effective. Thus, any transfer of such rights to any third party, whether defendant or a music publisher, was barred by the 1976 Copyright Act, and is therefore null and void.”

Robinson, who has two children with his first wife, wed his current spouse, Frances, in 2004

Stormey Ramdhan: Death Row Tell-ALL




The book begins after a chance meeting during the summer of 1993, when Suge and I quickly began a courtship that would last for the next 20 years. In this book I will discuss the beginnings of our relationship as well as the sudden wealth, success, and the super stardom that came with knowing Suge and the artists who were putting out every hit from the Death Row Records catalogue of the early nineties.

As a naïve young woman who had lived an ordinary life until Suge became a part of it, there was more money and luxury around me than I had ever been accustomed to  during the first six months of knowing him. Our bond was instant, and Suge provided for me in every way possible.  I was young and wth us there was no real endgame– my entire  life plan until that fateful meeting had been to complete a degree in nursing  in North Carolina where I had a full scholarship. However,  absolutely nothing could prepare me for how much my life was going to change.

My main goal in finally telling my story is to inspire any young women who may currently find themselves in similar situations or were once in the same position as I was. In essence, Stormey: The Woman Behind The Most Feared Man In Hip Hop is a survivor story,  I believe this book will be an eye-opener for  young girls who may think they never have to worry because everything will be provided for them, I hope that upon learning about my story they will be able to realize the dangers in placing their entire livelihood in the hands of one person.

I also believe my story will resonate with the men and women who were involved in the West coast  rap scene at the same time I was, and had always wondered what occurred within the inner circle of  Death Row Records.

Finally I believe this book is my chance to humanize an image. Many people will relate to our story of unconditional love, innocence, lies, betrayal, jail, and ultimately abandonment, and I believe it’s a chance to display what the pressures of Hollywood can do to a family; how losing focus and bad decisions can end it all. This story will let everyone know how the downfall of a sole provider can affect the whole family, and show what people have to go through in putting the pieces of a family back together when it all falls down.

Dorothy Dandridge: Oscar’s Best!

Dorothy Dandridge presenting the Oscar for Film Editing for “On the Waterfront” at the 27th Academy Awards at New York’s Century Theater on March 30, 1955. She was nominated for Best Actress that year for her role in “Carmen Jones”. The photo appeared in Ebony and the video is from the official Oscar page on YouTube.

Ludacris: Turning The Tables?



Ludacris has filed for full custody of his 2-month-old daughter…and asking the child’s mother to pay child support.

Gordy, Bivens & Robibson: Three The Hardway!


The godfather Berry Gordy aka motown & Smokey Robinson his right hand man for 50yrs! My first job as a 20yr old exec was Biv ten /motown…tune in tonite on Bet @ 9pm to witness History ‪#‎Bethonors‬ ‪#‎family‬ ‪#‎grateful‬ 2/24/14…luv is luv sporty aka MB.

The JACKSONS: Motown Gold!


The Jacksons attend the NAACP Image Awards, Los Angeles, California, November 19, 1970.


BALLARD AND BIRDSONG: This Magic Moment! Florence & Cindy 1974 magic mountain
FlorenceandcindyIn the summer of 1975, Mary Wilson worked a little magic and pulled Florence Ballard on stage as a Supreme for one last time! The Supremes (Wilson, Cindy Birdsong, who had replaced Florence in 1967, and Scherrie Payne, who had replaced Jean Terrell, who had replaced Diana Ross) were performing at Magic Mountain, an amusement park located just north of Los Angeles, and Ballard was th…ere visiting.
Florence had fallen on hard times financially, and had struggled with physical and emotional problems since being fired from The Supremes in 1967. 1975 was a particularly rough year, and Wilson, distressed over her old singing partner’s present condition, invited Flo to spend the summer with her family in California.
There are stories of fans seeing Ballard walking backstage and through the crowds looking rather rough and tough for wear, but, to me, these photos suggest otherwise. The visit with Wilson had its up and downs, but for one shining, magical moment, Florence Ballard held supreme with the group she named and helped found for the first time in eight years. And she did it with the nice lady who replaced her in the group, Cindy Birdsong, the Good Supreme!
“Ladies and gentlemen, I have a surprise guest …. Miss Florence Ballard!” Wilson intoned to an audience of over 2,000. The crowd went berserk and rushed the stage with cameras and cries of “Flo, we love you.” Florence was met with a thunderous ovation with love flooding the headlights. She didn’t sing a note!
All she did was beat a tambourine and dance around the stage, but that was good enough! There are varying stories of Ballard having stopped listening to the classic songs that helped to make her famous, and the word is during the classic group hits-medley that night, Ballard excused herself from the arena only to return when it was over.
Apparently, Wilson had no problem coaxing her onstage for the rousing finale, a rendition of the O’Jays hit, Love Train. And in what must have been a glorious moment for everyone, there were tears in the eyes of those who watched the beleagured Ballard come full circle, and take her rightful place right alongside Cindy Birdsong for just one more magical moment.

Florence Ballard:(June 30, 1943 – February 22, 1976)

1943: Ballard was born in Detroit, Michigan on June 30, 1943, to Lurlee (née Wilson) and Jesse Ballard.
1959: In 1959, Ballard was spotted on her porch by a local talent scout named Milton Jenkins, then manager of the vocal group the Primes, as he sought to find female vocalists to fill spots for a sister group of the Primes.
1966: One night in 1966, prior to opening at the Copacabana supper club, Ballard had come down with a sore throat and asked Ross to sing “People”.
1968: 2002: The Supreme Florence “Flo” Ballard (originally shelved by ABC Records in 1968 under the proposed title, “…You Don’t Have To”)
1970: Despite these successes, Ballard’s solo career suffered and she eventually was dropped from ABC Records in 1970.
1971: In July 1971, Ballard sued Motown for additional royalty payments she believed she was due to receive; Ballard was defeated in court by Motown.
1976: Florence Ballard died on February 22, 1976 in Detroit, United States.

Erykah Badu: Dj Lowdown Loretta Brown!


John Singleton: ALL EYEZ ON ME


John Singleton signs on to direct the Tupac Shakur biopic

Johnson & Wahlberg: NO PAIN, NO GAIN!


Fact: Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Mark combined for 17 meals a day while prepping for Pain & Gain.

Michelle Obama:Bell Of The Ball!



Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, wore a beautiful Carolina Herrera gown the White House State Dinner last night.

Al Green: Let’s Stay Together!



On This Day In Music: On February 12, 1970 “Let’s Stay Together by Al green went to number one on the US single chart.

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