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Williams & Pryor: Life is a Joke…..

Robin Williams got his first big break on The Richard Pryor show circa 1977.

“He cites comic Richard Pryor, who gave Williams his first break when he hired him to appear regularly on his short-lived mid-1970s television variety show, as someone who inspired him to take the pain and turn it into humour.

‘Richard Pryor has been through the most painful life on the planet. He’s the only man who could make a joke about the fact that as he lay dying from setting fire to himself, some guy blew the smoke away and said “Richard, how about giving me that last autograph?” You have to have a way of dealing with the fears of this surreal world of being a celebrity. Someone said that a punch line is a grievance unanswered. For me, comedy was, and still is, a good way of meeting people, but also, it is very therapeutic in terms of dealing with pain and fear.’

Mike Epps & Co

Wade and Epps chillin like two Midwest playas.998450_10153092953730268_1117058177_n

Ursula Lawrence: The Real Shanana!


Bill Cosby: Happy Birthday!

Watchf Associated Press Domestic News Entertainment   APHS59930 BILL COSBY - TV MORNING SHOW    1972

Charles Q Murphy: Happy 54th Birthday!


Della Reese: Happy Birthday!


Tony Rock: Happy Birthday!


David Alen Grier: Happy Birthday!


Gilda Radner: Happy Birthday!

gilda radner

Think Like A Man: Vegas Edition

gabunion Typical day on  set… #thinklikeamantoo @lala @iamterrencej @romanymalco Ealy

Marla Gibbs: Happy Birthday!


Johnny Brown: Happy Birthday!

Johnny Brown

A Different World: 20th Annivary!

different world

Kevin Hart: Daddy Daycare!

Had an amazing time with my kids this past weekend… I’m the national kid tossing champion in case y’all didn’t know


Sommore: Happy Birthday!


Sommore: Bet Comic View!

sommore_the_queen_stands_aloneComedian Sommore will be hosting Bet’s Comic View once again, starting this fall!

Bobby Brown: Real husband Of Hollywood?


Keishia & Tempesst: Sister, Sister!


Keshia Knight Pulliam and Tempestt Bledsoe, better known for their roles as Rudy & Vanessa Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” are starring as sisters again on “Guys with Kids.”

In the NBC sitcom, Bledsoe plays Marny, a working mother of four with a stay-at-home husband, played by Anthony Anderson. According to reports, Pulliam has been cast to play Marny’s sister, and both actresses said they couldn’t be more excited for the new role.

Mike Epps: The Champion


Capone Lee & Grandson


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