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Pebbles & El: Love Child?



 The book sets the tone for his life as a secret love child for R&B legend El Debarge and the first lady of La Face RecordsPerri “Pebbles” Reed. Sebastian ‘Tian’ McKissack, is set to release Deceptions of Achieving, a memoir detailing his life in the shadow of his two R&B star parents, and how their decision not to acknowledge him negatively affected his life. 

The Release of Deceptions of Achieving will be released on August 25th 2014  four days before his mother’s 50th birthday, is this book Fact or Fiction?

Debarge:Time Will Reveal: The Complete Motown Albums


 [2011]Time Will Reveal: The Complete Motown Albums

The DeBarge family—brothers El, Randy, Mark and James, and sister Bunny—signed to Motown and released their first album in 1981, kicking off an intense four years where they rose to the top of the charts with timeless ballads and classic dance tracks. Time Will Reveal: The Complete Motown Albums collects the group’s four out-of-print albums on two CDs, restoring them to the marketplace for the first time in years, while adding a bonus third disc of remixes and unreleased versions. Among the many highlights are the No. 1 hits “Rhythm Of The Night,” in its original and extended remixed version; “All This Love,” from the same-titled album as well in a newly discovered alternate version; and the set’s title song, sounding better than ever in a previously unheard, long version.

DeBarge, led by El’s instantly recognizable falsetto voice, were renowned for their infectious melodies and memorable hooks in gorgeous-sounding productions. Motown saw them as heir apparent to the Jackson 5, another family dynasty that had left the label in the mid-’70s. But unlike the Jacksons, the DeBarges were given free rein to write, produce and arrange their own material.

After a debut album that showed promise but not much in sales, their second LP, All This Love, went gold. In A Special Way, which included “Time Will Reveal,” their first top 20 pop hit, and “Love Me In A Special Way,” featuring a harmonica solo by label mate Stevie Wonder, followed. The album also included “A Dream” and “Stay With Me,” which have become better known as samples in several hip-hop classics, from “One More Chance/Stay With Me” by Notorious B.I.G and Faith Evans to Mariah Carey’s “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time.” As a special bonus, this 3-CD set includes instrumental versions of the original DeBarge tracks.

With Rhythm Of The Night and its title hit song, DeBarge leapt into the pop mainstream. Two other songs from the album, “You Wear It Well” and “The Heart is Not So Smart,” were dance hits; their rare “M+M” remixes are included on the bonus disc.

The accompanying booklet includes reproductions of the original album artwork, track annotations and a career overview by Gail Mitchell, Senior Editor of R&B/Hip-Hop for Billboard, who was seen on-screen as a commentator in the celebrated DeBarge episode of TVOne’s Unsung.
Disc 1, tracks 1-8: The DeBarges
Disc 1, tracks 9-16: All This Love
Disc 2, tracks 1-8: In A Special Way
Disc 2, tracks 9-17: Rhythm Of The Night
Disc 3, all tracks: Remixes & Rarities

* Previously Unreleased

James DeBarge: In Custody


James Debarge and Dr. Murray.


James Debarge, arrested in Los Angeles Calif, on drug possession this past Thursday, James 50 has had a long history of drug abuse in the past, and his family has struggled with life long addictions since the early 80’s, during  there time signed to Motown Records.

Motown Empire: West Grand Boulevard

All of these houses were part of the Motown Empire on West Grand Boulevard. R to L
2644/46  Jobete Publishing Company [now the museum entrance] Bought 4/18/1961
2648  Recording studio [Hitsville] at the back of the building on the lower ground floor.  Also residence of Berry and Raynoma in upstairs rooms. Bought 8/2/1959…
2650 Offices of Berry Gordy/Esther Edwards and Ralph Seltzer. This is vacant ground, to the left of Hitsville. It burned to the ground in 1971. Bought 1/23/1962
2652/54  Motown Administration Bought 1/23/1962
2656  Motown Finance (white front) Bought 3/4/1965
2662/64  Motown Sales and Marketing building Bought 7/11/1966
2666/68  Motown Sales and Marketing building Bought 7/11/1966
2670/72  ITMI (International Talent Management Incorporated) Bought 7/5/1966
2657  Artist Development was located directly Across West Grand Blvd from the Motown Row. Bought 1/12/1966See More

Bobby Debarge:March 5, 1956 – August 16, 1995



The very underrated Bobby DeBarge was one of the greatest falsettos of all time. His struggle with substance abuse often overshadowed his great talent.

He first recording was with his band Hot Ice (later Switch) in 1976, the album
Pall Mall Groove.

In 1977 Hot Ice signed with Motown and the bands name was changed to Switch due to their ability to switch instruments. They released their debut album, Switch, in 1978. The album reached gold status and included Quiet Storm classics I Wanna Be Closer(written by Jermaine Jackson) and There’ll Never Be (Bobby DeBarge writer).

Switch released their second Motown album in 1979, Switch II,  which included another r&b Quiet Storm classic I Call Your Name,  written by lovesick DeBarge for LaToya Jackson, and the party jam Best Beat In Town. This album also reached gold status.

They struck gold again in 1980 with This Is My Dream. The standout tunes were Love Over And Over Again, written by Bobby and sister Bunny, and another love song for LaToya, You And I.

Bobby left the band in 1981 when Motown offered him a solo deal. He also co-produced the debut album of his siblings, The DeBarges.

Bobby never recorded his solo album so joined his brothers, after El and Bunny left.

His career came to a halt in 1988 when he was arrested for drug trafficking and sentenced to 5 years. He was released in 1993 and continued to perform while struggling with AIDS, contracted before his prison sentence.

DeBarge died in 1995, leaving behind his wife Terri with whom he had two children and three children from a previous relationship.

Thomas Keith Debarge:byThere’ll Never Be, A Story of Forgiveness



DeBarge – songwriter, singer, and eldest brother of the music industry’s DeBarge family. Thomas “Tommy” DeBarge once saw the sky as the limit. As part of Motown’s hot funk and soul band era, Thomas felt life would be good for him there on out. A prideful turning away from God’s principles changed his dreams into a nightmare. Poverty and addiction were in the pot at the end of his rainbow. Now, Thomas is a man recovering from the decisions he made. He learned, through the process of people entering and exiting his heart at various stages of growth, that the road of sobriety was one he had to walk alone; just him and God.


Johnathon ” Chico” DeBarge: Happy Birthday!


Mark Debarge: Happy Birthday!


El Debarge: Happy Birthday!


LaToya Jackson: Heart Breaker!



For several years, Bobby DeBarge pursued La Toya Jackson of the Jackson family. Switch band mate and best friend Gregory Williams contended that the group’s hit songs, such as “There’ll Never Be” and “I Call Your Name”.

 Were love songs to LaToya, and while he didn’t mention her name, he did mention Jackson’s song “Nighttime Lover” in the Switch ballad, “You & I,” a song he wrote in response to Jackson’s single. Latoya Broke Bobby’s heart by dating and losing her virginity to Diana Ross’s brother Chico Ross!



HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY KRISTINA!kristinia-debarge

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