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Jada Pickette Smith: Blended Family


A letter to a friend:
Blended families are NEVER easy, but here’s why I don’t have a lot of sympathy for your situation because… we CHOOSE them. When I married Will, I knew Trey was part of the package…Period! If I didn’t want that…I needed to marry someone else. Then I learned if I am going to love Trey…I had to learn to love the most important person in the world to him…his mother. And the two of us may not have always LIKED each other… but we have learned to LOVE each other.

I can’t support any actions that keep a man from his children of a previous marriage. These are the situations that separate the women from the girls. Your behavior is that of an insecure child who needs to recognize her own weaknesses that MUST be strengthened to take on the task at hand. We can’t say we love our man and then come in between him and his children. THAT’S selfishness…NOT love. WOMAN UP… I’ve been there…I know. My blended family made me a giant… Taught me so much about love, commitment and it has been the biggest ego death to date. It’s time you let your blended family make you the giant you truly are.

Kendal Jenner:Material Girl




Kendal Jenner- 18yrs old purchase a 1.4 Million Condo in Los Angeles California Congratulations!

Beyonce & Solang:Sister, Sister

photo (3)

The Move Organization: 29th Anniversary




May 13th marks the 29th Anniversary of the MOVE bombing, in which Philadelphia police dropped an explosive from a helicopter in an attempt to end an armed standoff.

The Move Organization is a Black Liberation group from Philadelphia started by John Africa in 1972. In 1985 the group made national news when police dropped a bomb on their house on 6221 Osage Avenue from a helicopter in an attempt to end an armed impasse. The explosion and ensuing fire killed 11 people, including five children and the group’s leader, John Africa. Only two occupants survived—Ramona Africa and Birdie, a child. 60 homes were destroyed as the entire block burned.

Mayor W. Wilson Goode appointed an investigative commission called the MOVE commission. It issued its report on March 6, 1986. The report denounced the actions of the city government, stating that “Dropping a bomb on an occupied row house was unconscionable.” No one from the city government was charged criminally.

In a 1996 civil suit in US federal court, a jury ordered the City of Philadelphia to pay $1.5 million to a survivor and relatives of two people killed in the bombing. The jury found that the city used excessive force and violated the members’ constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure. Philadelphia was given the sobriquet “The City that Bombed Itself.”

Jada Picket Smith & CO


Ludacris: Turning The Tables?



Ludacris has filed for full custody of his 2-month-old daughter…and asking the child’s mother to pay child support.

Blondies Farewell: The Last Supreme


Motown Empire: West Grand Boulevard

All of these houses were part of the Motown Empire on West Grand Boulevard. R to L
2644/46  Jobete Publishing Company [now the museum entrance] Bought 4/18/1961
2648  Recording studio [Hitsville] at the back of the building on the lower ground floor.  Also residence of Berry and Raynoma in upstairs rooms. Bought 8/2/1959…
2650 Offices of Berry Gordy/Esther Edwards and Ralph Seltzer. This is vacant ground, to the left of Hitsville. It burned to the ground in 1971. Bought 1/23/1962
2652/54  Motown Administration Bought 1/23/1962
2656  Motown Finance (white front) Bought 3/4/1965
2662/64  Motown Sales and Marketing building Bought 7/11/1966
2666/68  Motown Sales and Marketing building Bought 7/11/1966
2670/72  ITMI (International Talent Management Incorporated) Bought 7/5/1966
2657  Artist Development was located directly Across West Grand Blvd from the Motown Row. Bought 1/12/1966See More

RHOA: The Real Back Story?


Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Apollo, Greg, And Peter all involved in the financial scam? How is Peter Able to open an second Bar One in North Carolina With Kordel Stewart?

Ali and Co:Daddy Girl!

People assume I’m daddy’s girl because I followed my dads footsteps…but my sister Hana is actually the one! Love them both infinitely!

Doyin Richards:Daddy Daycare!


Vintage Black Glamour: By Nichelle Gainer


black glamour#2


I want to thank everyone who has expressed interest in my book and, at long last, I am happy to give you some book news! The book is scheduled to be published in Spring 2014 and starting today, you can visit and …register your interest in the book.

Registering is different from pre-ordering (available starting early February). My publisher, Rocket 88 an imprint of London-based Essential Works, has created this website to establish the level in interest in the book. After you register you will be contacted by email in early 2014 with further details about the book and, if you wish, you may pre-order the book at that time. Once again, thank you so much! More links are in the comment section ~ Nichelle Gainer

Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer (Spring 2014, Essential Works/Rocket 88 books).

Vintage Black Glamour is a forthcoming book (Spring 2014, Essential Works/Rocket 88 Books) and visual tribute to some of the glamorous, accomplished and often groundbreaking black women – legendary and obscure – of the 20th century.

The De Blasios: New York New Family!


Beyonce:Sydney- Halloween Edition ;-)


TLC: 200% increase in sales!


Geraldine McGee Rosenthal: The Real Ginger!



Geraldine (Geri) McGee Rosenthal (May 16, 1936 – November 9, 1982) was the second wife of Las Vegas sports handicapper, Frank Rosenthal. She provided the basis for the character of “Ginger,” portrayed by Sharon Stone in the 1995 movie Casino. Geri and her sister, Barbara, grew up in the Sherman Oaks community of Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley and went to Van Nuys High School with Robert Redford and Don Drysdale.

Geri started going out with Lenny Marmor in high school. Their daughter, Robin L Marmor, was born December 27, 1957, in Los Angeles, and Lenny, who never married her though he was married three times to other women, talked Geri into moving to Las Vegas. Geraldine met Anthony Spilotro while at a convention in Atlantic City. She had an affair with him at that time. Later, after marrying Rosenthal the affair with Spilotro would resume.

When Frank met Geri, she had been hustling in Las Vegas for close to eight years. She owned her own house and was raising her 11-year-old daughter Robin, who was fathered by her high school sweetheart Lenny Marmor. Geri supported her ailing mother, Alice Pollock McGee, and her sister, Barbara Stokich (b. Feb 6 1934, d. May 7, 2000), who had been abandoned with two young sons after her husband left. In 1954, Geri’s aunt (her father’s sister) received a large inheritance.

Geri’s aunt offered to send Geri to Woodbury Business School, as she had Geri’s sister Barbara, but Geri wanted to go to UCLA or USC. Instead she got a job at Thirty Drugs, then as a teller for Bank of America. Lenny would visit Geri and their daughter, usually for two or three days, often with the intention to borrow money for a “surefire” business deal. Occasionally, her father, Roy McGee, a California auto mechanic long separated from her mother, would visit. Besides Marmor and Rosenthal, Geri was also seeing John Hicks. Johnny Hicks was about 10 years younger than Geri. She adored Hicks and some believed he would have married her, except he had very rich parents who objected to the relationship.

The Hicks owned the Algiers Hotel and the Thunderbird Casino and didn’t want the couple to wed. Johnny Hicks had a $1,000-a-month trust fund and would have had it taken away if he married Geri. Johnny liked to act as a tough guy and hung around Downtown Las Vegas with a crew that used to beat up prostitutes.


Frank and Geri were married on May 1, 1969. They had two children, Steven and Stephanie. Their divorce was final January 16, 1981. Geraldine Rosenthal died from a drug overdose Nov. 9, 1982, and was buried at Mount Sinai Cemetery in Los Angeles. Frank Rosenthal spent $50,000 to have a private autopsy conducted.

TLC:Behind The Music


Crystal didn’t like how she was portrayed in the movie

Crystal and Ian Burke went on radio station, Ryan Cameron’s V103 morning show and revealed that she didn’t get kicked out of TLC because she couldn’t sing, but because she refused to sign the contract.

Crystal and her manager at the time, Ian Burke (@orca172) also revealed:

Ian Burke is really the creator of TLC

Jermaine Dupri had a big role in their career and he was the one who  suggested that T-boz sing in a low register

Several more interesting tidbits were revealed by Crystal and Ian that answers some of the “unknowns” many of us fans were wondering about.

Ian claimed at first he did not want to put Lisa in the group. He initially rejected Lisa from the group because she wore a dress to the audition. Ian was looking for a girl in baggy clothes. But once he made Lisa rap for him, he was sold. Also, Lisa didn’t like the dress either. She told him she normally wears baggy clothes. That sealed the deal.

Ian knew T-Boz was the one for the group after visiting her home at 2am. She had missed the auditions. So, he went to see her in person at her home. When she opened the front door, he immediately know she was “the one”.

Ian says one pivotal part in TLC’s journey that the movie didn’t capture was Jermaine Dupri’s involvement. JD was actually the person who had T-Boz sing in her lower register. Her tone eventually became TLC’s signature sound.

Ian expressed that TLC was actually SWV’s name. Since TLC hit scene first, SWV could no longer use it.

TLC was never supposed to be a singing group; instead a girl power “movement” of some sort.

Crystal says yes she has an issue with how she was portrayed during the audition scene. She insists that she can sing (but she didn’t take the opportunity on Ryan Cameron’s show to prove it to the world). *side eye*

Crystal claims Pebbles indeed gave her a contract as well. However, she didn’t sign it because she wanted her mother to look over it first.

Braxton Family Drama!


King Cairo: Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday @kingcairo!37022_702887803073553_639372456_n

The Game: Kelly Pitts is in the house!

1380254_629341883784625_655635908_nLOOK WHO’S BACK FOR SEASON 7 of THE GAME!!! 

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