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Nick Cannon & Co.


Nick cannon has officially became the ambassador of Thots, Babes, side chicks, jump offs, and fame whores!

Columbus Short vs. TMZ




Actor Columbus short took to instagram to defend Ray Rice’s actions and privacy, his dislike for TMZ, and how they exploited him and his situation with Janey Palmer, then he erased his honest, raw, and truthful comments and replace them with a rebuttal to please his fans and audience. what happened to keeping it real?…..

Josie Harris:Women Scorne


TI: Throws Shade!

Summa y’all ‪#‎mediocres‬ more worried bout my goings on than u is about ya own…. But that ain’t none of my business so…..I’ll just ‪#‎SipTeaForKermit‬ ‪#‎ifitaintaboutdamoney‬ ‪#‎2sugarsplease

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