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Pisces: (February 19- March 20)


Pisces want someone they can love that is educated and can hold a great conversation. They are talkers and dreamers. The Pisces woman wants someone who can speak unabashedly and dream vividly. Within your conversations feel free to be honest and candid. She will want to know all about you from your first heartbreak to your favorite fabric softener.

Pisces always prefer the understated over the blunt and the unspoken over the obvious. If you… used the love letters to seduce, every now and then, send her another. Take her away to somewhere beautiful or help her attain a dream. Simple gestures mean more to her than expensive items. Your love and support or your ability to pull her back when she takes on too much, will mean more to her than some trinket.

A Pisces makes love with their entire being. Normally she will not have sex with someone who does not have her heart. For her there is so much emotion behind it, she may liken it to bonding. She views sex as the ultimate expression of love and it mirrors the relationship. Behind closed doors she is physical and passionate. Her sexual intensity though is balanced by her creativity. She likes a little role play from time to time and even likes a little bit of domination.

As the poster child for the sensitive romantic type, your Pisces needs a soul mate more than most. She craves a companion who is on the same level that she is on. She needs someone to understand how deeply she cares for all that surrounds her and can share in her passions. Her partner on some level must be like her, gentle and caring, sentimental and romantic but strong enough to ground and protect her. You may have had to dust off your romantic side but her whimsical nature and big heart makes it all worth it.

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