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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr:The $100,000 Hit?


Little Known Black History Fact: Loyd Jowers

The shot that killed Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on this day in 1968 was presumably fired from Jim’s Grill, a café on ground floor of a rooming house. James Earl Ray, King’s assassin, was staying there. But Loyd Jowers, who ran Jim’s Grill, stated he received $100,000 to arrange for Dr. King’s assassination and said that Ray was not King’s killer.

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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company



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Barbara and Bobby: Scandelist Affair


Singer Bobby Womack married Sam Cooke’s widow today (February 24,  1965).


 The marriage was scandalous from the start and since Bobby Womack wasn’t even  21 years old yet, he had to receive his parents’ permission.


But the main issue was the fact that Sam Cooke’s family was still grieving  over his death, which had occurred just three months earlier

It was Sam Cooke who discovered Bobby Womack and The Womack Brothers,  Cleveland natives who were signed to Sam Cooke’s label SAR Records.

As The Valentinos, Sam Cooke had produced the group’s single “Looking For a  Love,” as well as “It’s All Over Now,” which was re-recorded by The Rolling  Stones.

But on December 11, 1964 music history would be changed, when Sam Cooke was  shot and killed by a motel owner in East Los Angeles.

Within months of Sam Cooke’s death, Barbara Cook was flashing a new  engagement ring that was a gift from Sam’s friend Bobby Womack, who had just  proposed to her.

To make matters worse, Bobby had been seen driving around Los Angeles in  Sam’s car, along with his wife, and he was even wearing the late singer’s  clothes.

This was too much for most of Sam Cooke’s family members, including his  brother Charles Cooke Jr.

When Bobby Womack and his new wife Barbara decided to go to Chicago that  summer, they ended up in a violent confrontation with Charles. Charles, 38, went to pay the Womack’s a visit at a local motel, for what he  described as a “personal talk.”

Charles had told Bobby in so many words that he would be assaulted if he ever  showed his face in Chicago.

Bobby Womack had decided he would not live his life in fear after marrying  Barbara, so he phoned ahead to let Charles know that he would be in Chicago to  attend the wedding of Sam Cooke’s niece.

Barbara had loaded a gun with bullets in anticipation of the visit, while  Bobby Womack also prepared for the altercation.

“I figured if Charlie was going to do something, I wanted to get it over and  done with,” Bobby Womack said in his autobiography “Midnight Mover: The True  Story of the Greatest Soul Singer in the World.”

“Barbara and I flew to Chicago,” Womack said. “We checked into the Roberts  Motel and I called Charlie. I told him ‘I’m here. We’re in 2112. In the motel  room, Barbara busied herself loading bullets into a pistol. Barbara had a mean  streak in her.”

When Charles arrived with his brothers David and L.C., he pistol whipped  Bobby and beat him to the point that his teeth went through his lips, rendering  him unconscious.

“I opened the door and Charlie punched me. He beat me so bad my whole head  swelled up like a melon…he even broke my jaw,” Bobby Womack revealed.

Barbara attempted to fire the gun at Charlie, but Bobby Womack had already  taken the bullets out of the pistol, just before Charles and the rest of Sam’s  brothers arrived.

Charles Cooke was hit with a number of charges, including assault.

He was released on $1,000 bail, but since Bobby Womack refused to prosecute  Charles, the charges were eventually dropped.

For all of their troubles and tribulations, Bobby Womack’s marriage to  Barbara Cooke ended in 1970.

According to Bobby, he was also having sex with Sam Cooke’s teenaged daughter  Linda, which was too much for Barbara to take.

Bobby Womack and Barbara Cooke Womack eventually divorced in 1970.

Sam Cooke’s daughter Linda went on to marry Bobby Womack’s brother Cecil  Womack.

Linda and Cecil eventually had seven children together and moved to Africa,  where they changed their name to the Zekkarriyas

Cecil Womack passed away on February 1, 2013 in South Africa.





ARIA Resort & Casino: Happiest Happy Hour!



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Renaissance Hotels: The Perfect Escape!




On the 27th floor of our Barcelona Fira Hotel you’ll discover a rooftop pool, a stunning sun-drenched lounge bar and endless views of this amazing Catalonian city around you on all sides:




The Supremes: The Final Concert

Diana Ross with Boston Celtics’ Bill Russell at The Supremes’ farewell performance at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas, January 14, 1970.the supremes last concert

The Ritz Carlton Hotel: A Celebration!

We wish all of our fans celebrating, Ramadan Kareemritz

Brian Jones: Rolling Stone In The Sky!

Feb 28th 1942-3rd July 1969600full-brian-jones

Lindsay Lohan: Happy Birthday!


Renaissance Hotels: Shanghai Edition

Art, design and sophistication meet in the lobby of our Shanghai Putuo Hotel, a stunning, sophisticated discovery in one of China’s most exciting cities:

Paris Hilton: Poor Little Rich Girl!


Rihannan & Co: International Entourage

Rihanna & her brother leaving her London hotel 6/17Rihanna+Leaving+London+Hotel+qTDXxq_hM6Px

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company: A Stay In Paradise!

970238_10151706137580985_1180500653_nWhen the sun goes down the mystique of Arabian Nights comes to life at Sharq Village & Spa.

The Cosmopoltian: Home Away From Home!

1015216_611932568817849_256585956_oWhat’s your top tip for someone visiting The Cosmopolitan for the first time?

Luxor Hotel and Casino: A Trip To Paradise!




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Roosevelt Hotel: Then and Now!

The lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel in 1924 and now!166011_10151661719466142_1955963344_n

Renaissance Hotels: International

960057_10151392965600334_1904622866_nThis is what it feels like to arrive at the Shelbourne Dublin, one of the most magnificent hotels in all of Ireland:

Nicole Scherzinger:Chateau Marmont With a Friend – W Hollywood 5/4


2Chainz: The Show, The After Party & The Hotel

may 4

Diddy: Ditch Party


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