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Claudia Lennear: Brown Sugar!

thSIQWY3R6 When backing vocalist Claudia, 63, dated Mick Jagger, she inspired one of the Rolling Stones’ greatest rock anthems, as she tells Pauline McLeod

“Around the time Brown Sugar became a hit for The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and I were always seen together in restaurants and nightclubs in Los Angeles. That’s why people thought the song was about me, and Mick later confirmed that it was.

The airport photo of the two of us was taken at Las Vegas and that moment stands out in my memory because it was the first time I’d ever been on a private plane. I was 17, maybe 18, and I thought we were just going out to the disco in LA. Then we arrived at the airport and I was immediately suspicious when I got to the plane and there were no other passengers apart from Mick, Keith Richards and the record producer Glyn Johns. But I wasn’t nervous. The Stones had a bad-boy image but they were perfect gentlemen.

We flew to Vegas and went to a casino where Mick taught me how to play baccarat then we hopped back on the jet and came home to LA.

Mick and I dated for a long while.

It was an on-off thing because of our different schedules, but we would talk all the time on the phone. He was a lot of fun to be with, although his public persona is quite different to the way he is in private. I found him a quiet guy who was very British, with good manners, so I was always smitten by his behavior.I was also the muse for David Bowie’s song Lady Grinning Soul.I’d seen David’s show in Detroit, he asked me for some input and we struck up a friendship after that. I had to pinch myself a few times. This was the top one per cent of Rock’n’Roll that

I just happened to make friends with. I was on quite a roll, wasn’t I?When I was a kid, my first love was language and I hoped to become a translator. But my family moved to California just as I hit my teenage years and I started going out to see bands. Then I began meeting the movers and shakers in the industry, and my career took off.

Ike Turner – Tina’s husband – hired me on the spot for his band. I was an “Ikette” for three years, until I had a little spat with Tina, but by that time

I was ready to move on anyway.

After that I was a background vocalist for Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Bob Dylan at the first ever benefit gig, The Concert For Bangladesh, at Madison Square Garden. I sang with all kinds of bands and had my own solo album released. But then the 80s came round and the music business began to change. Hip-hop and rap were the new ideas and I didn’t feel I had my finger on the pulse any more. I was a single mother by then, too, so I decided that maybe I should change my career and do something that would bring in a steady pay check.I’m a teacher now, using my language skills, and it’s funny because every time there’s a new intake of students, I can guarantee that one of them will come up to me with, ‘Miss Lennear, we saw this lady on YouTube who has your name…’Life has become rather surreal of late but so exciting because I’m featured in the Oscar-winning documentary about background vocalists, 20 Feet From Stardom. There are now offers coming in for me to sing again, I’m talking record deals and putting bands together, and I feel like I’m picking up where I left off. It is just so cool.”

20 Feet From Stardom is out now.

Writer :Pauline McLeod


Ike & Tina: International Stars!


Ike & Tina Turner: Before Jay & Bey!


Ike & Tina: The Early Years!


Mrs.Tina Turner: Married Swiss Citizen!

tina turner

George Jackson: Rock & Rolls Best Kept Secret


Iconic songwriter George Jackson died on Sunday morning at the age of 68. Jackson was the co-author of “Old Time Rock and Roll” and hundreds of other soul, rock, and rhythm and blues tunes.

Jackson, born in Indianola, Mississippi, began writing songs in his teens. Ike Turner discovered him and dook him to New Orleans R&B pioneer Cosimo Matassa’s studio in 1963. It was there Jackson recorded his first song.

He went on to record dozens of singles in the 1960s and worked in Memphis, Tennessee. But he didn’t make his mark as a writer until he started working with FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. After that, he was a songwriter for crosstown rival studio Muscle Shoals Sound Studios.

After that, George Jackson returned to Memphis. Thomas Couch Sr. stated that Jackson died at his home in Ridgeland, Mississippi. He had been sick with cancer for about a year. Couch added, “It was not unexpected, but it’s always too soon.” Couch is the board chairman of Malaco Records.

Malaco bought Muscle Shoals Sound and hired Jackson to write songs, according to the studio’s vice president and chief engineer Wolf Stephenson. Stephenson added:

“George had hooks coming out of his ears. They weren’t all hits, but I never heard him write a bad song. He never really got the recognition that’s normally due a writer of his stature.”

George Jackson and Thomas Jones III wrote “Old Time Rock and Roll.” Bob Seger recorded the hit in 1978. Stephenson added that the song was truly Jackson’s, despite Seger’s claims that he altered it. And Stephenson has the tapes to prove it.

Along with Seger, Jackson also wrote hit songs for the Osmonds and Ike and Tina Turner. He also had songs recorded by James Brown, Wilson Pickett, and Clarence Carter. Couch added of Jackson’s songwriting, “He had a way of seeing things about life and saying them in a way that a lot of other people could relate to.”

Funeral arrangements for George Jackson are still in the works.




Ike and Tina Turner 67419-13

Tina Turner’s Love affair with wigs!


































During the start of Ike and Tina’s career, having a polished look was very important, so whatever city they stopped in during their long and exhausting tour days they would send Tina and the Ikettes to the local black beauty parlor. One day in 1959 Tina wanted to change her look, because they where getting a lot of gigs and with that, you have to look the part! Ike always said, that if you stayed ready, you don’t have to get ready! with that in mind, the girls were always up on the latest hair trends, and Wigs were not that popular at the time, now this is prior to the Motown/ Supremes era, when wearing a wig was a sign of significances, wealth, style and class. Women where ashamed to admit that they where sporting fake hair.  So one day Tina decided to try chemicals for the first time ever, and it was the start of her life-long love affair and obsession with wigs, weaves, hair pieces and the start of her hair loss.

 Tina went to have her hair bleached, for the first time, she never had her hair professionally styled before, so this was a exciting trip for her, being her first time, and trying hair color as well unknown to her, a 13yr old girl, who was helping her mother in the shop, applied pure devil’s lye to Tina’s hair, lye was  Red Devil’s lye, a white potato, and Ivory Snowflakes, blended and applied to a greased scalp, for protection. is a term that was used to describe relaxer/ perm and as the hair dresser took the bleaching cap off, all of Tina’s hair fell completely out of her scalp, prompting her and the girls to come up with a fast, and quick solution this is when she started wearing wings! 

Ike Turner liked it and said it would be part of the show from then on, it became part of her persona.! Wigs became so important to Tina, that one of the only times she left Ike for a couple of days after he beat her for buying a wig he told her she couldn’t have. Ike believed that the wigs where extremely important to the girls image, and that he would pay upwards $250-4500.00 for custom made hair pieces from Japan. After years of wearing wigs, Tina had barley any edges left, but her natural hair grew back after the bleaching incident she and the other Ikettes, would wash their hair once a week ,or so with Glover’s Mane Shampoo and condition the scalp with Sulfur 8 hair grease.


They would corn roll the hair either to the scalp, or around in a circle, and then sew, or safety pin a pair of old nylons To the entire head, now this is before hair weaves, hair extensions, then they would either use one or two technique’s, bobby pens, or needle and thread to secure the wig onto the head. Ike made sure the girls received new wigs every other month, and if you left the group, or got fired you had to either sell your wigs to another Ikette, or pay Ike  the retail price of the hair piece. Tina started to wear wigs and liked having instantly long hair and could have whatever style she wanted, so she continued to wear wigs/weaves even after her hair grew back. She still wears wigs to this day.

Ike was obsessed about the appearance of the group, especially Tina and the girls, he would give out nightly lectures on how he wanted everyone to appear on stage, and that means you had to look fantastic! He believed that the way you looked represented him as a bandleader and front man, he way would say, he didn’t want anyone messing up his name, he would often say that the way his band looked and perform is a reflection of him. So right before a show Ike would walk behind a unexpected Ikette and snatch her wig from her head! And if the wig came off, you were handed a $50.00-$100.00 fine, it was deducted from your weekly paycheck, one Ikette was fined so many times, until the end of the tour she owed Ike!

Tina’s wig only came off once, and that was during a concert, her and the Revue had in Oakland California for the Black Panthers, one of the Panthers love the view from the stage and decided to risk his life by touching Tina inappropriately on her legs, while she was performing on stage, once Ike saw the dude touching his star Turner and  the entire band got into a all out fight, prompting a riot at the club, Tina fought off twelve Panthers single handed, and that was the only time in Rock and Roll History the Queen lost her Crown!

Tina who lives in Europe, is still serious about her hair. According to the her hair stylist, Tina described her wigs as being a part of her. She said that she purchases her hair from Spain and has it cut, colored and shaped to her specifications, there’s report that she had wigs made of Sable Mink, blended with Italian hair during the 1980’s and she has custom made hair pieces that cost upwards of $20,000-$60,000 depending on the occasion!










In the 1993 Movie What’s Love Got to do with it?, a lot of information was left out of the actual story, when I first seen the movie as a 15yr old I, thought of Ike Turner as a abusive, conning, obsessive, dominating, jealous, wife beating, ambitions, crazed, coke head.

Well, the movie depicted  Anna Mae Bullock as a innocent, naive, virgin, who fell into stardom by accident. Anna was no fool, she was talented, hard working, and most of all she had ambitions, she knew of Ike Turners reputation before she became his ” JUMPOFF”!. her sister Aileen was working for Ike at his club, and allegedly she was sleeping with him, including Tina’s best friend from high school, she knew Ike was a married man, had the keys to at lease 30 women’s houses in East St. Louis, and would smack the shit out of anyone, male or female if they got out of line! Tina’s high school friend later had a daughter by Ike, named Twanna. Tina played the home girl, little sister role to the fullest, hanging around the club, going over to Ike’s house, dating several guys in the band, and even beating up, Ike’s other girlfriends, mistresses, jumpoff’s when they got out of line! he would pay her $5.00 for the deeds, and even place bets on her, because he knew Tina could fight! Ike would pay her $5.00, but would eventually end up making upwards $500.00

In 1958, eighteen-year-old Tina became a mother for the first time, giving birth to her son Craig in August of that year. Craig was the offspring of Tina’s and Kings of Rhythm saxophonist Raymond Hill. The news of her out-of-wedlock pregnancy and her performances with the Kings of Rhythm

Initially, Turner’s relationship with Ike Turner was friendly. Following the birth of her first child, Ike eventually allowed Tina to move in at his home in East St. Louis. During this early period, Ike began helping Tina with her voice. Initially neither Ike nor Tina felt attraction for the other: Tina thought Ike was not the ideal-looking man while Ike dismissed Tina as being “too skinny”. Tina later acknowledged that Ike favored curvaceous women. Ike was still married to Lorraine Taylor during this time. This unexpected pregnancy caused her mother Zelma to kick her out of her house. she begin work at the local hospital, as a candy striper, renting a filthy, dark, cold, garage from a elderly women for $30.00 a month. After Tina and her infant became seriously ill, Ike offered to help her out financially.

Tina asked Hill for support, he in return attacked her, upon hearing this news, Ike and six of his boys went into a rang of angry, and beat, stomped, and broke both of Hills legs.  members of the Kings of Rhythm felt like Little Anne, which everybody called her, was like a kid sister, besides she just had his first child, how dare he hit her?

Hill was forced to return to his hometown of Clarksdale and never returned back. Shortly after that, Tina moved into Ike Turner’s house in East St. Louis. She became apart of the family, taking care of Ike’s and Lorraine’s for boys, including her own, in which the Turners treated like their very own child, handling financial expenses, medical, clothing, etc. Within a couple of years, Tina was pregnant with Ike’s child, and their son, Ronald, was born in October 1960. After moving in with Turner in 1962, she became the stepmother of Ike’s sons, Ike, Jr. (b. 1958) and Michael (b. 1959). Turner was pregnant again with Ike’s child in 1968, but after discovering that her friend,
Ikette member Ann Thomas, and the future Ms. Ike turner was also carrying Ike’s baby, daughter Mia Nicole Turner born 1969 she quietly had her baby aborted Ike.

Tina was very submissive to Ike, she allowed him to be with other women, as she did the same, even as going as far as to share the same females, in the band from time to time, Tina was no angle, nor was she stupid, she allowed Ike to do as he please, because in her eyes she was #1. But from time to time, she would get fed up, and fight the other girls, in once incident, she had just finished a show in Oakland, this is around the time Ikette Ann Thomas entered the group, she exited off the stage, and attacked Anne, hitting her with a makeup case in her face, then cocking her, in front of the entire band. If Ike became too friendly with a female acquittance, Tina would either hate her or become close friends with her, like a young white girl Ike hired in the mid-seventies name Rhonda.

When Tina eventually left like, she went to stay with Rhoda, Ike found out, blew up Rhonda’s Yellow Corvette he purchased for her, and threw a bomb into her house, Ike brought her. until this day Rhonda is still on Tina’s payroll acting as her tour manager. Ike accused them of being lovers!

Tina was with Ike from 1960-1976, if this man was so abusive, how could you last 16yrs with him? What time did he have to make you a star if he was beating you every 5 minutes? Tina was a very strong women, she would never allow Ike to simply beat her, she would fight back, and even start the fights with him. Some women enjoy being beat by man, its a sign of love, attention, affection to females with low self esteem. Tina had so many wealthy famous, successful man chasing after her, why would you stay with a abusive, drug addicted, womanizer? because she wanted that ROCK AND ROLL LIFESTYLE!

Turner was married at least five times. He sometimes claimed to have been married 19 times. marriages as early as 15yrs old he claimed. Turner’s first marriage was to an Edna Dean Taylor from Ruleville  Mississippi, while he was still in his teens. she later passed away from a drug overdose, in the summer of 2010, her family blamed him.  He then married a woman called Rosa Lee Sane. The marriage took place in West Memphis. In 1953 he married pianist and singer Bonnie Mae Wilson, who was part of the Kings of Rhythm, but after two years she left him for another man.[3] After Bonnie he became involved with Anna Mae Wilson, another female pianist in the band, whom he married in the mid 1950s. His next marriage was to Lorraine Taylor, who had two sons with Ike.

The facts surrounding his marriage to Anna Mae Bullock (Tina Turner), have been very publicly debated, along with the accusations of abuse of his wife by Turner. Tina left the relationship after another violent argument on the way to a concert in 1976.[ Their divorce was finalized in 1978.[80] In Tina Turner’s 1986 autobiography, she accused Ike of violent spousal abuse. In a 1985 interview Turner admitted, “Yeah I hit her, but I didn’t hit her more than the average guy beats his wife…If she says I abused her, maybe I did.” In his 1999 autobiography he worded this slightly differently; “Sure, I’ve slapped Tina… There have been times when I punched her to the ground without thinking. But I have never beat her.”

Turner claimed on more than one occasion he had never been officially married to Bullock. In an 1985 interview with Spin Magazine, Turner stated “As God is my judge, of all my wives, Tina is the only one I was never legally married to.” He stated that she took his name in order to discourage a former lover from returning to her.[ In his autobiography Turner wrote “We didn’t recognize marriages”, which Margaret Moser believes “is true by the rural Southern standards of the times”.

Turner married former Ikette Margaret Ann Thomas in the early 1980s.[ After his release from prison .Ike was met at the prison gate by blues singer Jeanette Bazzell who later became his wife. With Jeanette’s support, Ike enjoyed a long period of sobriety. In 1995, they were married after years of courtship. Ike and Jeanette divorced in 2001 but remained friends. In 2006, he married long-time music collaborator Audrey Madison. She divorced him but reconciled with him before his death.

He has six known children: sons Ike Jr. and Michael (with Lorraine Taylor) and Ronald/”Ronnie” (with Tina Turner), and daughter Mia (with Ann Thomas). Mia Turner was conceived and born during Ike’s marriage to Tina in the late 1960s. Tina’s son Craig (fathered by saxophonist Raymond Hill) carries the Turner name. Ike Turner also has two other daughters: Linda Trippeter, who is the eldest; and Twanna Turner Melby, who took him in after he was released from prison.

Following Tina’s ascent to solo success, Ike would accuse Tina of not being a good mother to her children, even alleging that Tina had sent Michael to a mental hospital after he had entered Tina’s home allegedly to have her and Ike reunite as a couple, family.Tina later denied Ike’s allegations and  “he gave me those children and not a penny to look after them with”. Tina went back to square one, cleaning peoples houses, like she done for the Turners.

Was the book I, TINA released to overshadow the man/ mentor who made a homeless, single mother a star, of course! Tina wanted to get the last laugh against Ike, she felt like having  the most successful comeback in Music History was not enough, she wanted to through dirt on his name, assassinate his character, but why? isn’t this the same man, you almost died for? being caught in bed, in his house by his wife Lorraine, and standing in front of a loaded gun, to defend his honor? or sneaking out of the hospital three days after giving birth to his son Ronnie, on Wednesday and being on stage Saturday evening was it worth it?

Ike Turner, died in December 2007, and no Tina did not attend her mentors, best friend, baby daddy’s funeral. A lot of her actions are very questionable, she seemed more like his bottom bitch, then his main bitch, to speak in Pimp terms! but I have to give credit, where credit do, Ms Tina Turner, gave the instructions to all future Jumpoff’s, mistresses, baby mama;s, side chicks, that’s if your going do it, land in the history books for it! and most importantly have enough material to write a book or fictional movie about it!

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