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The 13 Bloodline familes that Rule the World

$100 Million for a Second Home in California

Here are the names of the real power behind the Legal Mafia. People in power are afraid to speak out against them, because if they do, all the dirty laundry about them will com out. The elitist only choose leaders that have a shady background, who are evil like them.

The are satanic in nature, behind this brotherhood they bow-down to Satan himself. The Elitist Illuminati occultists are into black magic, child abductions and ritual killings etc. They are above the law, because they are the law. With the help of the CIA who abduct children for the elitist pleasure and to make more money by selling them into prostitution and the drug trade. Anyway, here are the names of these every wealthy families.

(1) Astor (2) Bundy (3) Collins (4) DuPont (5) Freeman (6) Kennedy (7) Li (Chinese) (8) Onassis (9) Rockefeller (10) Rothschild (11) Russell (12) van Duyn (13) Merovingian (European Royal Families):
(1) Reynolds (2) Disney (3) Krupp (4) McDonald: Also, there are a hundred less pure bloodlines that are connected to the thirteen elite bloodlines.
The Illuminati have “six disciplines of training within their family. These are. (1) Military (2) Government (3) Spiritual (4) Scholarship (5) Leadership (6) Science:
They are Sectarian Jewish Elite as Zionism, don’t confuse Zionism with common Jews.

The leading candidate for Presidency are carefully chosen from the occult bloodlines of the thirteen Illuminati families. “Candidate is of Royal blood. All Presidents is of the United States swore allegiance to serve the Brotherhood before he serves the country.

The Brotherhood owns him and ultimately decides what he should or shouldn’t do. You are now in the hands of the higher rank members of the secret society you’re signed up with, and this becomes more obvious the higher up their ladder you climb.  These Elitist are the Legal Mafia.

If a goyim thinks he will become rich and famous, think again! So much for the American Dream, unless you are one of them and go to the right school; you will never’ ever become wealthy. Just don’t step on their toes, because they will destroy you and your wealth.

by Kerry P Hay




Queen Beyonce has issued an edict requiring all of her royal subjects to “Bow Down Bitches!”







The Carters: Justic For Teyvon


Shawn Carter: The Black Billionaire Clubs!



The illuminati accusations were made up by people who can’t fathom how black people can be so successful I’m not only the music industry,but the media.

People like me & my wife including Ye, Rihanna, Obama, (so on)  are always deemed to be apart of this “secret society” because we are all wealthy BLACK individuals who we share our talents with the world.

Notice there aren’t any white people who are accused of worshiping Satan.

It’s because people think that African Americans are so inferior that they could never be in a position of power unless they sold their soul which is said and of course these people believe everything they read.

#thatisall I thought it was time to dust that off. I’m NOT explaining myself but I’m clearing the “CARTER” name.






Congratulations: From Queen B!


         ” Congratulations Kim & Kanye, enjoy this beautiful moment together as soon as Kanye arrives back into the USA.- Beyonce ” 

Kim Kardashian:Its A Girl!

pregnant kim#2



Reality stare Kim Kardashian is currently in labor at Los Angeles  Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Hospital, with a planned C-section birth of their daughter North West with Rapper Kanye West!




Rihanna: Balmain Muse!

riri in baldmin

Beyonce & Blue: A Mothers Love!


Billionair Boys Club: Hip Hops Elite!

Pharrell, Jay & Beyonce at BBC 10th anniversary partybillionair boys club

Lil Wayne & Co: Summer Jam!

On Sunday night, hip-hop’s finest joined forces at MetLife stadium in 944376_10150340473309959_880019579_nNew Jersey for the 20th annual Summer Jam festival. There were many surprises throughout the night, but the best was saved for last.

Kanye West: Absent ?

OKM_OK0513_COVER_NEWS_STAND_0_076_1033957.pdfSunday afternoon, Reality star Kim Kardashian held her Baby shower for her daughter with Rapper/Producer West, over 100 guest where invited, guests included Kelly Osbourne, Maria Menounos, Kimberly Stewart, Mel B., NeNe Leakes, and Malika and Khadijah Haqq. 

Kanye  did show up at the very last minute, is this a sign that kanye is trying to break away from the Kardashian’s? or he does not want to be with Kim at all? we will see once the child is born, which seems like a well written script for a updated version of Kramer vs. Kramer!

J & B: International Love!

944656_10151672505276013_395795278_nJay-Z and Beyonce Knowles Carter at THE SOUND OF CHANGE LIVE concert in London on June 1st

Beyonce & Jay: In Berlin


Blue Ivy Carter: 3rd Generation Super Star?

beyonce jr.

Jay & Bey: Black Love!


Shawn Carter: The SC Foundation

945533_562322150484789_1552719841_nRapper Jay-Z Offering 2013 Scholarships to Needy Students Via His Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship Program. Learn more at <– The scholarships will be in the amount of $1,500 – $2,500. The deadline is May 31, 2013.


Meek Mills: Happy Birthday!


Beyonce: BeHive In London

London Edition / BeyHive Blog is now live! – featuring The Maccabees, Marques Toliver, Polly Stenham, King Krule, Cyrus Malachi, and more!

Jay-z & Chris Martin: International Players!

Jay-Z and Chris Martin Attend Manchester United Games.jay-z-chris-martin-manchester-2

Celebrity Sex Club: The Devil In Hollywood

peachesForget Scientology, celebs are now falling for an even more sinister ‘religion’: Introducing the Satanic sex cult that’s snaring stars such as Peaches Geldof Founder Aleister Crowley dubbed ‘the wickedest man in the world’ Crowley was born in 1875 and styled himself ‘the Great Beast, 666’ Other stars linked to the cult include Jimmy Page and Jay-Z By RICHARD PRICE PUBLISHED

Taken at face value it was an innocent enough remark, encouraging friends to explore ‘a belief system to apply to day-to-day life to attain peacefulness’. But when Peaches Geldof chose to share her ‘religious’ convictions with her 148,000 followers on Twitter, it lifted the lid on a much more sinister world than first impressions would suggest. The socialite, 24, is a devotee of Ordo Templi Orientis, known as OTO, and even has the initials tattooed on her left forearm.

Sinister: Peaches Geldof has an ‘OTO’ tattoo (left) which is an acronym for the creepy Ordo Templi Orientis Given her tendency to flit between fads and fashions (at one point she was a Scientologist, more recently she has wandered into Judaism), this could be dismissed as another harmless flirtation. More…My brother Ben vanished 22 years ago on a Greek holiday island. My mother left me to drink her pain away. At 11, I found her suicide note. Now we need a miracle
Daniel Craig and Jon Hamm are in and Leonardo  DiCaprio is out: The A-listers setting new plastic surgery trends for men who had Hollywood’s best figure in 1931? Vintage article reveals movie stars’ ideal body shape was ‘warmly curved’ and ‘

roundly turned ‘But a closer look at OTO — and Aleister Crowley, its founding ‘prophet’ — gives the lie to that assumption.Crowley, who was born into an upper-class British family in 1875, styled himself as ‘the Great Beast 666’. He was an unabashed occultist who, prior to his death in 1947, reveled in his infamy as ‘the wickedest man in the world’.His form of worship involved sadomasochistic sex rituals with men and women, spells which he claimed could raise malevolent gods and the use of hard drugs, including opium, cocaine, heroin and mescaline.

Crowley’s motto — perpetuated by OTO — was ‘do what thou wilt’. And it is this individualistic approach that has led to a lasting fascination among artists and celebrities, of whom Peaches is the latest in a long line.Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, for example, routinely took part in occult magical rituals and was so intrigued by Crowley he bought his former home, Boleskine House, on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland.And there are now OTO lodges scattered around the country practing the same ceremonial rituals and spreading the word of Crowley.While membership is secret, Peaches is said to have been initiated into it, raising the prospect that many of her impressionable fans could try to do the same.

Converts: Rapper Jay-Z (left) and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page are believed to be involved with OTO Indeed, when one of her Twitter followers asked how she could find out more about Thelema, another word for Crowley’s teachings, Peaches directed her to read his books, which she described as ‘super interesting’.
Other celebrities linked to OTO include the rapper Jay-Z, who has repeatedly purloined imagery and quotations from Crowley’s work.Whether wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with ‘Do what thou wilt’ or hiring Rihanna to hold aloft a flaming torch in his music videos (a reference to the Illuminati, an outlawed secret society whose name supposedly derives from Lucifer, or ‘light bringer’), he has given the sect priceless publicity.

His clothing line, Rocawear, is shot through with OTO imagery such as the ‘all seeing eye’ in a triangle, the ‘eye of Horus’ (an ancient Egyptian symbol frequently referenced in occult texts) and the head of Baphomet (the horned, androgynous idol of Western occultism).Some conspiracy theorists have seized on this as evidence that he is a member of a secret Masonic movement which they believe permeates the highest levels of business and government.

Others take a more pragmatic view: that it is commercial opportunism, cashing in on impressionable teens’ attraction to the ‘edginess’ of occult symbolism.Yet OTO is much more than a marketing opportunity for attention-seeking celebs. It is a living religion, with adherents still practising occult rituals set out by Crowley in his books.This week I tracked down John Bonner, 62, the head of OTO in the UK, to his home in East Sussex. He told me: ‘We are not a mass-appeal sort of Organisation  — in the UK we number in our hundreds. Worldwide it’s thousands.

Malevolent: OTO was set up by Aleister Crowley, who revelled in the title of ‘the wickedest man in the world’Celebrities are not always a boon or a benefit. ‘We are used to being misunderstood. Many stories about Crowley, like people saying he filed his teeth down into fangs, are nonsense.You could call us a sex cult in a way, because we recongnise, accept and adore the whole process which goes towards making tangible the previously intangible.’

According to adherents of OTO it takes years of study before you can begin to understand what the religion is about — much like the equally controversial Church of Scientology.Bonner takes issue with the comparison, saying it is ‘extremely expensive’ to study Scientology, yet  OTO demands no financial contributions.Given her own dabbling in heroin and casual sex, particularly during a rootless period when she lived in Los Angeles a few years ago, it is perhaps natural that the

Troubled offspring of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates should be attracted to such a liberal school of thought.And if Peaches’ own interest is so shallow, heaven knows what her impressionable — and mostly very young — fans will take from it.
A former FBI agent, Ted Gundersen, who investigated Satanic circles in LA, found that Crowley’s teachings about ‘raising demons to do one’s bidding’ suggested human sacrifice, preferably of ‘an intelligent young boy’.

John Bonner is dismissive of any idea that he and his fellow believers would even begin to countenance such excesses, pointing out that his is the only religion that sends people a letter of congratulations when they decide to leave (‘because they are exercising free will, which is what we’re all about’).But he accepts many people may not be able to deal with Crowley’s complex teachings.

‘You’re not supposed to just jump straight in to it. It takes time and study, but our rituals are not for public consumption. You need to join us and go through the initiation process before you can begin to understand.But according to our beliefs we can’t turn anyone away. So if you are over 18, are passably sane and are free to attend initiations, then you have an undeniable right of membership.’

Peaches Geldof is playing with fire. One can only hope her fans treat this latest pose with the scorn it deserves.

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