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Jay & Bey: On The Run Tour


The Carter’s: Bonnie & Clyde


Beyonce and Jay Z:On The Run



     Beyoncé and Jay-z’s  3.45 minute On The Run’ tour promo is a star-studded affair.


   The film features a star-studded cast including Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Guillermo Díaz, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, and Kidada Jones.                                          



Hov & Bey: Straight Thuging!


Jay Z & Beyonce: Coachella Concert


Beyoncé and Jay Z:6th Anniversary!



Beyoncé and Jay Z share photos from their wedding anniversary trip in the Dominican Republic.

Beyonce & Jay-z: 2,190 Days in Love!


Happy 6th Anniversary To The Carters!

Rihanna: Umbrella!



On this day in 2007, Rihanna released her smash hit single “Umbrella” featuring Jay Z. The 3x platinum single went on to chart at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven consecutive weeks.

A Genius Leaves The Hood:The Story Of Jay-Z


A Genius Leaves The Hood is an unflinching look at the life and ever-expanding legacy of Marcy’s own Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter. It is a must watch for anyone who’s followed the rapper’s career.” – Jermaine Spradley, The Huffington Post

The film is now available on VHX, iTunes, and Google Play. Get your copy today! [Link:

Beyonce & CO: Drunk In Love!

photo 5

“Jay Z and Beyonce walked into a Miami karaoke bar…” No, it’s not the beginning of a lame bar joke — it’s the beginning of the story of what actually went down at Sing Sing karaoke bar last night, according to the bar’s owner.

On the night of baby Bluu Ivy’s first birthday, says Sing Sing owner Kellie Pilicer, the Carter-Knowles crew rolled up to Sing Sing karaoke bar on South Beach in three black SUVs around midnight for an impromptu karaoke session with an entourage that included Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

It was late on a Tuesday night. The bar was empty, so it was the perfect opportunity to do something normal and not be bombarded by paparazzi. At the time Bey and Jay showed up, only two out of the 17 karaoke rooms were occupied.

“A big security-looking guy walked in and asked us what time we closed,” said Pilicer. “I’m thinking he’s going to come in with maybe a couple of other people and then all of a sudden a couple of people wearing hoodies do start trickling in and one woman comes up and asks me where the bathroom is and I look up and it’s freaking Beyonce.”

Jay Z was shown to the VIP room and the rest of the group followed behind him. They were friendly, dressed casually, and didn’t make any extravagant requests or demands, Pilicer says. Their only request was that they put tape over the security cameras that were installed in the room. They ordered sake, water, and french fries from the joint next door.

“Beyonce follows the sounds, she just walks right in, and there are two girls sitting and one of their friends had fallen asleep on the lounge chair…I’m standing there watching this whole thing and the other people in their party started walking in and cracking up because they were singing Beyonce.”


photo 1


Although, they didn’t quite immediately recognize who either of them were, the two girls invited Beyonce and Kelly in. “They start dancing together, but they have no idea who it is, said Pilicer. “And all of a sudden one of the girls looks at kelly and says, “Oh, you look like Kelly Rowland” and then she looks at Beyonce and goes “Oh my god!”

Beyonce even took pictures with the poor girl that was passed out on the couch, complete with a Kelly Rowland photo bomb.
We know what you’re thinking. We would be pissed off at our friends too, if Yonce was in the same room as we were and they didn’t wake us up.

The couple’s stint at Sing Sing continues a series of recent appearances around town by the power couple, which have also included strolling through Wynwood, eating at Joey’s, and causing a big ol’ scandal by posing for photos in front of a Last Supper-inspired mural.

Though reports vary, Pilicer says one of the Sing Sing waiters also recognized one of the guests to be Timbaland.

Early on, Beyonce asked Pilicer where the other two occupied rooms were, and she assured her that they wouldn’t be a bother to her. Instead, Queen B insisted that she wanted to go into one of the other rooms. The room in particular was occupied by a group of three girls who were purportedly there for six hours, drinking Miami Long Islands, and singing the night away.

Beyonce and Kelly followed the sounds and walked into the girl’s karaoke room. Lo and behold, the song that the unidentified girls were singing was one of Beyonce‘s very own, “Party.”

“There’s no way we could have planned it. No one had any idea. I didn’t even know anything,” said Pilicer.

Beyonce: Cover Girl!


Shawn Carter: Cuban Cigar Aficionado !



I’m not promoting ‘mollies’ aka grass. Everyone knows I’m a Cuban man but if I were to pop a Molly, then that would be my business and something that I will have to live with. Stop trying to make MY life decisions and take care of your own. If you’re in NYC, holla at me down at La Marina and join the party. — at La Marina NYC.

Cubans and Mollies tonight. ‪#‎Legendary‬. Irv Gotti. Myself. OG Juan. Von Smith. At La Marina. When I say Movie. Please believe me.real niggas can relate.




Queen Beyonce has issued an edict requiring all of her royal subjects to “Bow Down Bitches!”







The Carters: Justic For Teyvon


Jay- Z and Obama: BFF?

jay-z-obamaCNN) – It’s no secret that Jay-Z is close with President Barack Obama. The hip hop artist held big fundraisers for the president, and his megastar wife, Beyoncé, performed at Obama’s second inauguration.

But Jay-Z said this week their friendship also plays out on the small screen–a very small screen. In an interview with New York radio station Hot97, the rapper confirmed that he and Obama exchange text messages.

“Yeah, I’ve spoken to him on the phone and had texts from Obama, of course,” he said Wednesday.

Jay-Z stopped himself and quickly expressed regret for saying “of course,” acknowledging the term may sound arrogant.

“Yes, that’s happened,” he continued, referring to the text messages.

The song writer and designer said Obama is “a regular guy” who uses a lot of sports analogies.

“I don’t know if this is like breaching national security, but he was like–when he was getting elected the second time–he was like ‘Hey, you know, fourth quarter, just give me the ball.’ I said ‘word’.”

That conversation, Jay-Z added, happened in Cleveland when he performed at a rally for Obama shortly before Election Day.

He further admitted he gets a little star struck around the president, a big admission for one of the most successful musical artists in the country.

Obama’s relationship with the power couple also made headlines this year when Jay-Z rapped that the White House–rather than the Treasury Department–gave them approval for their high-profile trip to Cuba.

In an unusual White House press briefing, Obama’s chief spokesman, Jay Carney, was asked about the lyrics.

But Carney sharply denied that the White House gave the couple clearance for their travel.

“I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury,” Carney said.

The bonds between the rapper and the president go back at least as far as the 2008 campaign, when candidate Obama said the way to handle political mudslinging was by brushing one’s shoulders off – mimicking Jay-Z’s trademark move. Jay-Z’s hits shuffle on Obama’s iPod, he said in July 2010 – alongside the likes of crooner Frank Sinatra and opera great Maria Callas. The couple also visited the White House earlier that year, and their VIP tour included a stop inside the Situation Room.
Jay-Z says he texts with Obama – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs

You’d think after the whole Cuba fiasco he’d have the sense to STOP bragging about his personal relationship with President Obama.

Beyonce: Beautiful Hair!


The 40/40 Club: 4th Of July Menu!

4th of July is right around the corner! Check out our special menu and our $40 All You Can Eat deal!4040

Shawn Carter: The Black Billionaire Clubs!



The illuminati accusations were made up by people who can’t fathom how black people can be so successful I’m not only the music industry,but the media.

People like me & my wife including Ye, Rihanna, Obama, (so on)  are always deemed to be apart of this “secret society” because we are all wealthy BLACK individuals who we share our talents with the world.

Notice there aren’t any white people who are accused of worshiping Satan.

It’s because people think that African Americans are so inferior that they could never be in a position of power unless they sold their soul which is said and of course these people believe everything they read.

#thatisall I thought it was time to dust that off. I’m NOT explaining myself but I’m clearing the “CARTER” name.






Mrs Carter: Natural Beauty!


Shawn Carter: Magna Carta Holy Grail tracklist

5918_190401111123374_249284939_nMagna Carta Holy Grail tracklist:
01. Picasso Baby
02. Heaven
03. Versus
04. Tom Ford
05. Beach Is Better
06. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
07. Oceans
08. F.U.T.W.
09. Part II (On The Run)
10. BBC
11. La Familia
12. Jay-Z Blue
13. Nickles & Dimes
14. Holy Grail
15. Open Letter

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