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Jet Digitial: The Black-ish!




We’re pleased to be a part of GetJetMag’s digital evolution as the cover stars for the September issue! Check the full story at

Lois Towles:Vintage Black Glamour

Lois Towles, acclaimed concert pianist and sister of pioneering model Dorothea Towles, on the December 10, 1953 cover of JET magazine. A graduate of Wiley College (of “The Great Debaters” fame) Ms. Towles sang with Fisk University’s choir and later became a member of the school’s music faculty.
This photo is gorgeous, but I am beyond thrilled to have an even better shot of Ms. Towles in my coffee table book – by legendary twin brother photographers Morgan and Marvin Smith, no less! The book will be released in September and if you pre-order by June 23, your name can be listed inside of the book in the Roll of Honour, a special set of pages to thank early supporters. Thanks again for all of your enthusiasm!

Jet Magazine: Death of a Dynasty



Mrs. Ray Robinson $10,000 Mink Coat.

Mrs. Ray Robinson $10,000 Mink Coat.

Johnson Publishing announced today that Jet will transition to a digital magazine app at the end of June.

Jet has the third-largest circulation in the African-American magazine market with 700,000, behind Ebony and Essence.

“Almost 63 years ago, my father, John Johnson, named the publication Jet because, as he said in the first issue, ‘In the world today, everything is moving faster. There is more news and far less time to read it,’ ” said Linda Johnson Rice, chairman of JPC, in a release. “He could not have spoken more relevant words today. We are not saying goodbye to Jet, we are embracing the future as my father did in 1951 and taking it to the next level.”

Jet‘s online content will feature entertainment news along with politics, pop culture and social issues that affect African Americans.

Vintage Black Glamour: By Nichelle Gainer


black glamour#2


I want to thank everyone who has expressed interest in my book and, at long last, I am happy to give you some book news! The book is scheduled to be published in Spring 2014 and starting today, you can visit and …register your interest in the book.

Registering is different from pre-ordering (available starting early February). My publisher, Rocket 88 an imprint of London-based Essential Works, has created this website to establish the level in interest in the book. After you register you will be contacted by email in early 2014 with further details about the book and, if you wish, you may pre-order the book at that time. Once again, thank you so much! More links are in the comment section ~ Nichelle Gainer

Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer (Spring 2014, Essential Works/Rocket 88 books).

Vintage Black Glamour is a forthcoming book (Spring 2014, Essential Works/Rocket 88 Books) and visual tribute to some of the glamorous, accomplished and often groundbreaking black women – legendary and obscure – of the 20th century.

JOYCE BRYANT: The Lost Diva!

joyceConsider the “Bronze Blond Bombshell’ or “The Black Marilyn Monroe”.

Joyce Bryant, singer and actress. Born in Oakland, Ca., around 1920, she came to be known as the ‘Black Marilyn’ and the “bronze blonde bombshell,” she dyed her hair with silver radiator paint before performing with Josephine Baker so as not to be upstaged; it was to become her trademark.

Marvin Gaye: Jet Magazine!

marvin gaye on jet

Tina & Teddy Campbell: Heart Broken


Tina Campbell admits that she almost resorted to physical violence when she found out that her husband had cheated on her.

Today, Tina and her husband Teddy are the proud parents in a happy household, but that wasn’t always so. The singer revealed in Ebony‘s June 2013 issue that she and Teddy almost got a divorce when after she learned that he’d been unfaithful to her.

Tina felt so betrayed that she initially looked for a way to restructure some provisions for her family in the event of her passing. “Once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband,” she admitted. “I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff.”

But Tina revealed that she almost took just a step further. “I did physically try to stab him. Several times,” Tina said. “I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words…My words hurt

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