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Gloria Govan: Backstage Pass!

gloria-govan-basketball-wivesFollowing the season two premiere of ‘Culturelist,’ Kevin Hart will bring the laughs and the real on the series debut of ‘Backstage Confidential.’

Each week, we’ll go behind the scenes with some of the hottest (and most hilarious) comedic superstars in the biz as they chop it up with host Gloria Govan (‘Basketball Wives’) through exclusive interviews and insights. This season will feature funnymen such as Chris Tucker, Michael Blackson, D.L. Hughley and more.

Guests will also engage in a little game we like to call “Rapid Fire” where they will be given a word or question and must answer the first thing that comes to mind. There’s no telling what will come out of their mouths!

Check out all the action when ‘Backstage Confidential’ premieres this Sunday (July 21) at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT only on Centric.

A Life of Troubles Followed a Singer’s Burst of Fame: The Estelle Bennet Story

From left, Nedra Talley, Estelle Bennett, Phil Spector and Ronnie Bennett in a Los Angeles recording studio in 1963.


Published: February 16, 2009

She was the quiet Ronette, the one people called the prettiest, the one who was content to remain in the shadow of her younger sister, Ronnie, because even in the shadow there’s still some spotlight.

For a few years in the mid-1960s Estelle Bennett lived a girl-group fairy tale, posing for magazine covers with her fellow Ronettes and dating the likes of George Harrison and Mick Jagger. Along with her sister and their cousin Nedra Talley, she helped redefine rock ’n’ roll femininity.

The Ronettes delivered their songs’ promises of eternal puppy love in the guise of tough vamps from the streets of New York. Their heavy mascara, slit skirts and piles of teased hair suggested both sex and danger, an association revived most recently by Amy Winehouse.

But Ms. Bennett’s death last week at 67 revealed a post-fame life of illness and squalor that was little known even to many of the Ronettes’ biggest fans. In her decades away from the public eye she struggled with anorexia and schizophrenia, and at times she had also been homeless, said her daughter, Toyin Hunter.

“I want to know who my mother was,” Ms. Hunter, 37, said in an interview. “From the time I was born she suffered with mental illness; I never really got to know Estelle in a good mental state.”

Those who knew Ms. Bennett in her healthier days portray her as gentle and intelligent, and as playing a critical part in the development of the Ronettes’ style. The eldest of the group, she worked at Macy’s and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, and the look she helped devise for the group was all superlatives: bigger, badder and sexier than anybody. Racial ambiguity lent an exotic element: the Bennett sisters had black, American Indian and Irish blood; Ms. Talley was black, Indian and Puerto Rican.

“We called them the bad girls of the ’60s,” said the singer Darlene Love, who met the Ronettes in 1962, a year before they became famous with “Be My Baby.” “They had the really, really short skirts and they had big, big, big hair. Most of the black entertainers of the ’60s didn’t look like that, but they wanted to be separate from everybody else.”

By the time they met Phil Spector and began recording with him in 1963, the Ronettes had their look precisely calibrated. That August “Be My Baby” went to No. 2, and the Ronettes were instant stars. When they toured Britain in 1964, the Rolling Stones were an opening act.

But even in the early days there were signs that Estelle was fragile. When their grandmother died in 1959, Estelle was shattered, said her cousin, now known as Nedra Talley Ross.

“She was going to buy Mama knee warmers,” Ms. Talley Ross said, “and I remember Estelle being so devastated — screaming, like she would never go on. Just screaming for this thing that would never get done.”

After the Ronettes broke up, in 1966, and Ronnie married Mr. Spector, in 1968, Estelle was lost, Ms. Talley Ross said. She made several failed attempts at a solo career, and when Ronnie Spector, who divorced Mr. Spector in 1974, formed a new version of the Ronettes in the early ’70s it did not include either of her former band mates. (Ms. Spector did not respond to messages left for her.)

Meanwhile, Ms. Bennett was gradually becoming more ill. When she brought her infant daughter to visit, Ms. Talley Ross said, she slept straight through the baby’s crying. Not long after, Ms. Bennett was hospitalized with anorexia, and her grip on reality continued to loosen. In recent years, Ms. Hunter said, she sometimes wandered the streets of New York, telling people that she would be singing with the Ronettes in a jazz club.

“Estelle had such an extraordinary life,” Ms. Talley Ross said. “To have the fame, and all that she had at an early age, and for it all to come to an end abruptly. Not everybody can let that go and then go on with life.”

In 1988 the Ronettes sued Mr. Spector for back royalties, and the suit dragged on for 14 years. Part of the case was dismissed, but the three women won the right to some royalties, and according to Jonathan Greenfield, Ms. Spector’s husband, they received “in excess of $1 million.” After lawyers’ fees, Ms. Hunter said, each woman took home about $100,000. Ms. Talley Ross said the figure was a little higher.

During the litigation Ms. Love was called as a witness, and one day at court she saw Estelle.

“She didn’t remember me,” Ms. Love said. “They cleaned her up and made her look as well as possible. She wore white gloves. She looked the best she could for somebody who lived on the street. It broke my heart.”

Her daughter and her cousin said they also helped her to look her best for the Ronettes’ induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two years ago. They were worried that the ceremony would overwhelm her, so one of Ms. Spector’s current backup singers performed in Ms. Bennett’s stead. But before the concert Ms. Bennett did give a brief acceptance speech.

“I would just like to say thank you very much for giving us this award,” she said. “I’m Estelle of the Ronettes. Thank you.”




Allen Payne: Happy Birthday!

"House of Payne" actor Allen Payne dines at trendy steakhouse Boa in Beverly Hills

Tia and Tamaera:Happy Birthday!


Alicia Keys: Weight Loss


The Game vs. Draya: Are They Still Sleeping Together?…….


Diana Ross & Tracee Ellis Ross:Portafino Italy


Johnathon ” Chico” DeBarge: Happy Birthday!


Congratulations: From Queen B!


         ” Congratulations Kim & Kanye, enjoy this beautiful moment together as soon as Kanye arrives back into the USA.- Beyonce ” 

Robin Thick: #1

Blurred-Lines-655x360Robin Thicke scores his first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1, as  “Blurred Lines,” featuring T.I. and Pharrell, vaults 6-1. Ariana Grande  and Mac Miller, meanwhile, return to the top 10 each with “The Way” and  Miley Cyrus enters at No. 11 with “We Can’t Stop.”

“Lines” leaps to the Hot 100’s top spot as the chart’s top  Digital, Airplay and Streaming Gainer. The song is the first to claim  all three honors simultaneously since the lattermost award was  introduced in March last year.

The funky track spends a second week at  No. 1 on Digital Songs, gaining by 38% to 315,000 downloads sold,  according to Nielsen SoundScan, and reaches the top 10 on Radio Songs  and Streaming Songs.

it vaults 17-8 on the former chart (73 million  all-format audience impressions, up 50%) and 24-8 on the latter (3.5  million U.S. streams, up 66%), according to Nielsen BDS.

Vanessa Williams: Mixed Heritage

vanessa and family


The world within Vanessa Williams 5 QUESTIONS

Most of us are curious about our family lineage. For Vanessa Williams, who recently took part in the show “Who Do You Think You Are” and explored her family’s history, the task was both surprising and informative. Here, she talks about what she learned and how she plans to use that information

How did you become interested in finding out about your lineage?   I’ve always been interested, but I was introduced to [one of the websites that help people research their family backgrounds] before I even did a show called “Who Do You Think You Are,” so I signed up as a member to document my own family tree, and my DNA analysis was done as a part of doing the show.

We ended up doing two stories on my father’s side. One of my great-great-grandfathers was a soldier in the Civil War, and the other was born a slave but ended up being an educator and principal, and one of the first black legislators in Tennessee back in 1885. The stories are rich and informative and intriguing, but also as an African American, you don’t always have the luxury to know exactly where your ancestors are from.

What did you find out about your DNA?

My DNA breaks down as follows: I’m 23% from Ghana, 17% from the British Isles, 15% from Cameroon, 12% Finnish, 11% Southern European, 75 Togo, 6% Benin, 5% Senegal and 4% Portuguese.

Now, I can’t wait to go to Ghana and Cameroon and Togo and Senegal — it’s a great opportunity to see why the customs resonate with you. I love to travel and I love to explore, and I have to admit that I was always jealous of people who knew their cultural background. Both my family and myself came out with light eyes, so obviously there is a recessive gene here. Not knowing what that was just made me very curious.

How did it feel to find out about all these different parts of your lineage?

It’s fascinating! The first person I called was my mother, and I sent her my results and copied all my kids so they know where half of their genetic makeup is from. I wish that my father was still alive, because he was a huge history buff and interested in genealogy as well. It allows a greater sense of history for the family and a bit of pride as well.

Why do you think this information is important? Is it just for your own knowledge or to do plan to use it for health purposes as well?

I remember my mother told me that when my brother was a baby, they identified some blood issue with him, and they asked her if she had any relatives from Italy because this particular blood characteristic was consistent with someone from Italy. My mother said, “No, no, nothing like that.” Well, now come to find out 45 years later and obviously we have the same genetic makeup that Southern European is 11% of our makeup.

How did your family react to all this information?

They loved it. They really can’t wait to go on our world tour of where we’re from. The biggest surprise was Finland. How did that happen? Who is Finnish? That is definitely going to be one of my trips coming up. It’s all surprising, really interesting and it’s really incredible

Nicole Ritchie & Co: Big Sister

nicole ritchie


Nicole Ritchie and little sister Sophia!





Taj Jackson: Keep It In The Closet

tj jacksonJermaine Jackson couldn’t BELIEVE it when he heard his nephew  Taj’s claims that a family member had molested him as a child — telling TMZ,  “I’ve never heard that. I’ve never ever heard that.”

As we reported,  Taj Jackson — one of Tito’s sons — made the announcement on  Twitter today, claiming an uncle on his mother’s side of the family sexually  abused him as a child … and Michael Jackson counseled him through the  trauma.

Taj says he made the announcement in an attempt to discredit  Wade Robson‘s abuse allegations against MJ, claiming, “That is  how I KNOW Wade is lying. Because I AM a survivor.”

Taj added, MJ “was a  support system for me and my mom” during the abuse ordeal.

Taj believes  Wade is making up stories about MJ in order to score a payday from the Jackson  estate.

A Different World: 20th Annivary!

different world

Kanye West: Absent ?

OKM_OK0513_COVER_NEWS_STAND_0_076_1033957.pdfSunday afternoon, Reality star Kim Kardashian held her Baby shower for her daughter with Rapper/Producer West, over 100 guest where invited, guests included Kelly Osbourne, Maria Menounos, Kimberly Stewart, Mel B., NeNe Leakes, and Malika and Khadijah Haqq. 

Kanye  did show up at the very last minute, is this a sign that kanye is trying to break away from the Kardashian’s? or he does not want to be with Kim at all? we will see once the child is born, which seems like a well written script for a updated version of Kramer vs. Kramer!

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