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Columbus Short vs. TMZ




Actor Columbus short took to instagram to defend Ray Rice’s actions and privacy, his dislike for TMZ, and how they exploited him and his situation with Janey Palmer, then he erased his honest, raw, and truthful comments and replace them with a rebuttal to please his fans and audience. what happened to keeping it real?…..

Ray Rice:$35 Million Dollar fool!











Former Football player Ray Rice is no longer with the Baltimore Ravens, his contract was terminated today. His release comes 7 months after the video of him and his then fiancée , Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City casino elevator in February.having a physical altercation in a Atlantic city elevator.

The video released, shown both parties engaging in a domestic dispute and Ray knocking his fiancée unconscious. He was suspended 2 games, and fines $500,000 he entered a program for anger management, and sensitivity in hopes of this altercation being removed from his permanent record.

Well this week Harvey Levine and his company purchased the now infamous video footage, and in return, the Ravens was pressured to terminate Rice’s contract. He’s also been suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

Ralph Wilson:(October 17, 1918- March 25, 2014)



A very sad day for the NFL: Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson has passed away at the age of 95:

Michael Vick: Happy Birthday!


Oj Simpson: 19yr Anniversary


Brian Banks: The Big PayBack



The woman who falsely accused football star Brian Banks of r@ping her is being forced to pay big time.  A judge has ordered that the woman pay $2.6 million to Banks for ruining his life with false allegations.  The lies caused him to lose numerous scholarship offers to college and also led to a prison sentence of over five years.

Wanetta Gibson told lies to authorities when she accused Banks of assaulting her when the two attended Long Beach Poly High, where Banks was both a student and football star.   After the conviction, the girl sued the school district and received $1.5 million.  The conviction was overturned when Gibson was secretly recorded admitting that she made the whole thing up.

Years later, Gibson confessed and Banks was released.  The woman is being forced to repay a $750,000 settlement to the school, plus attorneys fees, interest and another $1 million in punitive damages.

As a 16-year old junior, Banks had verbally committed to USC before his career was thrown off track.   During his time in prison, Banks said that he read every book he could get his hands on.

”It’s almost impossible to explain, the feeling of not having freedom, to be stripped away of your freedom, of your dignity, the respect you once had,” he said. ”To lose it all and watch the world pass you by as you sit inside a prison cell, knowing you shouldn’t be there, knowing you’re there because of another person’s lies, to lose it all and then get it all back, it’s a very humbling, spiritual feeling that you just don’t want to take anything for granted

Stories like this one, along with the story about two dozen men being released due to faulty bite mark evidence, reiterates the urgency of attacking the mass incarceration problem that exists in America.  For every case that is found to have been due to a false conviction, there are literally hundreds of others that will never see the light of day.

families and communities are destroyed when otherwise productive men and women are turned into hardened criminals by being forced to survive in conditions that amount to modern day slavery.   Prisons are places where mental illness is created where it did not previously exist, disease is spread that ends up infecting the rest of us, and families are obliterated by a system that is all-too determined to create a generation of lost children.  In most cases, money is the dividing line between receiving justice and being sent away for life.  It is too much to bear.

So, for those who are unable to see the relevance of Jesse Jackson, Ron Daniels and others heading to the White House to protest the mass incarceration epidemic, I hope you will take a second to realize how this problem affects all of us.  As long as innocent and non-violent mothers and fathers are being sent away to prison camps in droves, our streets will not be safer, our families will continue to fall apart, and our collective future remains in jeopardy.

This holocaust must be stopped.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the author of the lecture series, “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment.”  He and Russell Simmons are also the co-authors of the open letter to President Obama on mass incarceration, signed by 175 celebrities, scholars, activists and public figures.  

Deacon Jones: Rest In Paradise

deacon jones

Emmit Smith: Happy Birthday!


Ray Lewis: Happy Birthday!


Warrick Dunn: Educated Black Man!

923160_10151464189712842_687184044_nuge congrats to former Falcon and current limited partner, Warrick Dunn, on earning his MBA from Emory this week!

Chuck Muncie: Rest In Paradise


Chuck Muncie, a three-time All-Pro running back known for his imposing size and powerful stye, has died at the age of 60.The cause of death was a heart attack, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.


After a standout career at Cal during which he came in second place in Heisman Trophy voting as a senior, Muncie went to the Saints as the third overall pick in the 1976 NFL draft. His best season in New Orleans came in 1979, when he carried 238 for 1,198 yards and 11 touchdowns, and also caught 40 passes for 308 yards.


But Muncie frequently expressed his unhappiness in New Orleans, and he was traded to the Chargers during the 1980 season. Muncie was even better in San Diego than he had been in New Orleans, and his presence as a runner bolstered an already strong Chargers offense.


In 1981 he led the league with 19 touchdowns, and he was outstanding in the playoffs after that season: He rushed for 124 yards and a touchdown as the Chargers beat the Dolphins 41-38 in one of the greatest games ever played, and he was one of the few Chargers who played well the following week, when San Diego lost in freezing conditions in Cincinnati, gaining 94 yards on the ground while the Chargers lost to the Bengals 27-7 in the AFC Championship Game.


Muncie’s career came to an abrupt end in 1984 when Commissioner Pete Rozelle suspended him for the remainder of the season when he tested positive for cocaine after Week One. Although Muncie tried to come back with the Vikings in 1985, he quickly quit, saying he had issues in his personal life that he needed to get in order.


In 1989, Muncie was sentenced to 18 months in prison for selling cocaine. After he was released, however, he turned his life around, and spent his later years working with children, counseling adults who were struggling with drug addiction, and encouraging gang members to lead more productive lives. (One of Muncie’s pet projects was providing tattoo


Removal services for former gang members who wanted to get gang markings off their skin so they’d look presentable in job interviews.)
In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2008, Cal’s team doctor mentioned that Muncie made a point of being there any time an athlete at his alma mater who was going through a tough time could use some words of wisdom from someone who had been there before.


“Whenever we call, he makes himself available,” Dr. Bill Coysh said. “That’s what’s incredible about him. This is not a paid position. He does it because that’s how he is.”

That’s who Chuck Muncie was, a good running back who fell on hard times, but in the end lived the life of a good man.

Larry Fitzgerald: Double Play Vip After Party


Larry Fitzgerald: The After Party


DEINN SANDERS: 10 Million Dollar Fool….

enhanced-buzz-17313-1362672853-2Deion Sanders

Primetime may have won a percentage of the battle, but divorcing wife Pilar  cost him at minimum $10  million After a judge ruled in his favor, Sanders’  lawyer quit because his client failed to pay his attorney bills. Yikes.


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