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Columbus Short vs. TMZ




Actor Columbus short took to instagram to defend Ray Rice’s actions and privacy, his dislike for TMZ, and how they exploited him and his situation with Janey Palmer, then he erased his honest, raw, and truthful comments and replace them with a rebuttal to please his fans and audience. what happened to keeping it real?…..

Ray Rice:$35 Million Dollar fool!











Former Football player Ray Rice is no longer with the Baltimore Ravens, his contract was terminated today. His release comes 7 months after the video of him and his then fiancée , Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City casino elevator in February.having a physical altercation in a Atlantic city elevator.

The video released, shown both parties engaging in a domestic dispute and Ray knocking his fiancée unconscious. He was suspended 2 games, and fines $500,000 he entered a program for anger management, and sensitivity in hopes of this altercation being removed from his permanent record.

Well this week Harvey Levine and his company purchased the now infamous video footage, and in return, the Ravens was pressured to terminate Rice’s contract. He’s also been suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

Taj Jackson: Keep It In The Closet

tj jacksonJermaine Jackson couldn’t BELIEVE it when he heard his nephew  Taj’s claims that a family member had molested him as a child — telling TMZ,  “I’ve never heard that. I’ve never ever heard that.”

As we reported,  Taj Jackson — one of Tito’s sons — made the announcement on  Twitter today, claiming an uncle on his mother’s side of the family sexually  abused him as a child … and Michael Jackson counseled him through the  trauma.

Taj says he made the announcement in an attempt to discredit  Wade Robson‘s abuse allegations against MJ, claiming, “That is  how I KNOW Wade is lying. Because I AM a survivor.”

Taj added, MJ “was a  support system for me and my mom” during the abuse ordeal.

Taj believes  Wade is making up stories about MJ in order to score a payday from the Jackson  estate.

Paris Jackson: Little Girl Lost….

PJParis Jackson was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning, and sources tell us it was a suicide attempt.

Paris was taken out of her Calabasas family house on a stretcher at around 2 AM and taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

The 911 call came in at 1:27 AM.  The caller said Paris had cut her wrists.

On Tuesday night … Paris posted some cryptic tweets, including, “I wonder why tears are salty?” … and “yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”

We’re told she’s doing ok.

Chris Brown: Trouble In The Skys

A private jet carrying Chris Brown was forced to make an  emergency landing in Burbank yesterday after the cockpit filled with smoke after  takeoff … TMZ has learned.

We’ve confirmed … Brown boarded a  Gulfstream 3 jet in Burbank and was headed for Teterboro, NJ … so he could  attend the Met Gala event.

But sources tell us … roughly 7 to 8  minutes into the flight, everyone on board began to notice smoke filling the  plane.

One source told us, “It was A LOT of smoke …  everywhere.”

The pilot immediately turned the plane around and performed  an emergency landing back at Burbank airport.

We’re told the passengers  were scared … but the pilot was cool, calm and collected … and couldn’t have  handled the situation better.

Here’s the crazy part — after the plane  touched down, Brown decided he STILL wanted to get to the Met Gala event in NY  … and boarded ANOTHER private jet within an hour of touching down.

Brown eventually made it to Teterboro … but he didn’t make the Met  Gala event. However, he DID make it to an after-party, where he arrived with a  smile (see picture above).

Question is … would YOU get back on a plane  after an emergency landing?


Lil Kim: Dangerous Diva!

LIL KIM DIVALil Kim’s been slapped with a not-so-lil lawsuit by her former biz manager … who claims her money-grubbing, diva-like behavior cost him MILLIONS in botched endorsement deals.

Andrew Ro says his company, International Rock Star Corp, inked a licensing deal with Kim back in August 2012 and planned to roll out a slew of products, including a perfume line, clothing line, vodka drink, energy drink, Steve Madden shoe line and even a honey maker.  

Problem is Ro says Kim was a menace to work with and often refused to come to project meetings unless she was being paid extra for her time — making it difficult to get anything off the ground.

Not only that, he says when a project was finally executed — like her perfume — Kim refused to promote the product and then stopped taking their phone calls.

After Kim cut contact, Ro says she fired off a cease and desist letter regarding future projects too … and then filed a lawsuit claiming IRS tricked her into a bad licensing deal.

Ro fired back with his own suit, claiming Lil Kim’s to blame and her antics cost his company $15 million.

Chris Kelly: What Really Happened?


Ray-j: We All Hit The Remix!

ray-j i hit it first pt2

Ray-J: I Hit It First……


Wesley Snipes: Inmate #43355-018- Released From Prison


Halle Berry: Bundle Of Joy!




LIL WAYNE: Damage Control…..



Lil Wayne’s condition via his friends and family  members, listed his condition as being stable, and is currently in recovery?  With all the talk about Lil Wayne’s condition, and his family on Instagram confirming what TMZ, said was a blatant lie. Who would you believe? TMZ, has never made a mistake in regards to posting news about a Celebrities Death, they’re extremely accurate, if not 100% guaranteed on all information released to the public.

From what I know they have the greater Los Angeles on payroll, remember the nurses being terminated after they release personal information about Celebrities such as George Clooney, and Britney Spears etc. No one has ever sued TMZ, because Harvey Levin, knows his business  he’s attorney and with that, he has great knowledge of any legal tape, and how he can post a story about anyone including the First Family.

In a situation as critical as Wayne’s, why his publicist, or the Hospital released has yet to release a official statement? Clearing up any and all rumors? the bottom line is  they’re true, why haven’t Wayne released a photo of himself, to show the public that his condition is not Dire Strays? someone needs to perform some serious damage control, because if I was written off as half dead, or being read my last writes, and I was not in such condition, a lot of Media outlets, including TMZ, would have gotten sued.

The evidence  of him being near death is all so clear, his friends, business associates and family members showing up to visit in droves only time people express that kind of concern for you, is when you’re on the brink of expiring, checking out, being on your last leg, sort of speak. I need to see some “receipts”, as someone would say you want to see some substantial evidence, in regards of this Media Circus that has taken place in the passed 48hrs.

Speculation is now becoming  reality, the bottom line is MONEY, everything is being kept quite, until a will is worked out, they’re going to make any major decision’s for Wayne, until the Financial aspect is worked out to a agreeable amount for all parties involved in his estate, in which his mother will remain, over until he’s deceased, Wayne is divorce, from his first wife Antoine ” Toya” Carter, so any request, motions, decisions, and or arrangements, cannot be made solely by her, on his behalf.This episode should be a cautionary tail to any young artist, who wants to indulge in the “Rock and Roll” Lifestyle, it’s better to burn out, then to fade away…..Neil Young.





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