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Jermaine Dupri & Co: Sunny Days!



Jermaine Dupri’s  18 month old baby sister Sunny Maulden!






Stevie Wonder & Funk Brothers: Inside Hitsvill Labatory

Stevie Wonder & the Funk Bros in Studio Astevie and funk brothers

Felice Fawn: Who Is Felice Fawn?



Felice Fawn- also known as Lauren Emma Cook (or CROOK), is a SCAMMER, photographer, retouched, and artist from England, in other words she has the same skillset as every 12 year old on /b/ with GIMP.

That is until she became internet crazy after releasing self portraits of her looking like a stop-motion extra from Jason and the Argonauts whilst apparently unaware of her repulsive appearance and willfully deaf to demands that she needs to choke down a few KFC megabuckets. Her fans are primarily teenage hipsters, shitty artists, amateur photographers and bloggers who hope to see her shrivelled cunt.


A photo diary was discovered in 2010 of an anorexic girl, who was certainly Felice. Felice’s hair color and necklaces were identical, and pictures blanked both thighs exactly where Felice has tattoos along with her titties and vag by pure coincidence and are thought to have been caused be an electrical storm at the time of posting.

Despite resembling a bag of pretzel sticks earlier that year, Felice announced (read: HERP DERP) weight-gain. Like an emo child’s ambivalent desire to declare yet hide their shameful faggotry, the severity of her ANALrexia had been purposely kept under-wraps:

 She still denies having any form eating disorder whatsoever, in spite of common knowledge of her hospitalization earlier that year, as well as regular visits to a hospital throughout 2010 (No it wasn’t anorexia she just enjoys rectal exams). One need only look at her HEALTHY MUSCLE BODY to confirm this. She openly rants about anti-anorexia and anti-thinspo, another suspicious aspect of her online persona.

The blog that the images have been taken from was password protected and is now deactivated.

All tattoos or ‘signature’ Felice items have been photoshopped out. This is a professional retoucher, remember?

Michael Jackson & Co: Back In The Day!

mj and friendMichael Jackson and Alan Prater back in the day!

Chaka Khan & Co.

chaka and co Photo of the Day:  Me with my friends Grace Jones, Gloria Gaynor and Kathy Sledge at the ETAM runway show in Paris.



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