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Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996)


September 8, 1996: The Morning After



September 8, 1996: 11AM: Suge Knight is released from the University Medical Center. 6:20PM: 2pac undergoes a second operation at UMC to repair damage from bullet wounds. Source: Las Vegas Sun, Cathy Scott.

Tupac Shakure: September 7, 1996


September 7, 1996: 2pac and Suge Knight checks



Seldon vs. Mike Tyson, September 7, 1996 2pac Suge Knight The Outlawz


All Eyez on Me:Diamond



The Late great Rapper Tupac Shakur’s double album, All Eyez on Me, has been certified as “Diamond” status by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), representing more than 10 million copies sold.

Tupac VS. Everybody

Tupac Shakur (L) Damario Brown (R)

Tupac Shakur (L) Damario Brown (R)

Tupac Shakur & Co


Tupac: Me Against The World


‘Me Against the World’ the third studio album by Tupac Shakur. Released March 14, 1995. ‘Me Against the World’ the third studio album by Tupac Shakur. Released March 14, 1995.

John Singleton: ALL EYEZ ON ME


John Singleton signs on to direct the Tupac Shakur biopic

Tupac: New York Years


Pac & Babygirl: Gone Too Soon…


Assata Shakur: Public Enemy #1

Assata Shakur Becomes First Woman on Terrorist List.large_chesimard

The FBI has announced that Joanne Chesimard, best known as Assata Shakur, is the first woman on its list of living terrorists. In addition to the designation, the reward for the capture Shakur has been doubled to $2 million dollars.

In a press conference today (May 2), New Jersey State Police Superintendent Col. Rick Fuentes asserted that, “She (Shakur) continues to flaunt her freedom in the face of this horrific crime.”

A member of the Black Liberation Army, Shakur nee Chesimard was convicted in 1977 of the 1973 murder of state trooper Werner Foerster during a routine traffic stop.

The New Jersey State Police maintain that it was Chesimard who shot the trooper twice in the head, killing him. According to the FBI, the Black Liberation Army was responsible for killing over a dozen police officers in the 1970s and 80s; hence the terrorist designation.

Assata Shakur escaped from a New Jersey prison in 1979 and has been living in Cuba since 1984 with political asylum.

According to Special Agent Aaron Ford, Assata Shakur maintains anti-U.S. views in speeches advocating “revolution and terrorism” and may have connections to other international terrorist organizations.

“She is a domestic terrorist who murdered a law enforcement officer execution style,” he said. “And while we can’t right the wrongs of the past, we can and will continue to pursue justice no matter how long it takes.”

Supporters of Assata Shakur maintain that she was an activist and a victim of an over-zealous justice and media system.

Assata Shakur maintains strong support from hip-hop artists and culture. The “Hands Off Assata” Campaign was organized by dream hampton. Common recorded, “A Song for Assata,” on his gold Like Water for Chocolate album. Digable Planets, Public Enemy, X-Clan, and Paris have all recorded songs about her.

Source: Yahoo! News

Former 2Pac Bodyguard Frank Alexander Found Dead




Tupac Shakur(AllHipHop News) Frank Alexander is a part of one of the darkest periods in Hip-Hop history and now the man that once protected Tupac is dead.

Alexander was found dead in California and details remain sketchy. There have been early, non-official reports that he died from a self-inflicted gun wound.

On the record, Alexander said that he believed Suge Knight was involved in the death of Tupac.

In 2007, Alexander interviewed with and discussed his documentary called “Tupac Assasination.”

He did not implicate Suge in that interview but he did indicate that the night Pac died was abnormal.

“It was strange that I ended up being the only security for him and Suge. Normally Suge’s security was the head of the security firm. It was twenty three of us total, so there should have been more security,” Alexander told

Hip Hop Legends: Always Remembering….

dead rap

The 20 Greatest Musical Geniuses Since 1993 Vibe Magazine

vibe-r-kelly-musical-genius20. Lil Wayne
19. Daft Punk
18. Tupac Shakur
17. Eminem
16. Erykah Badu
15. Nas
14. Outkast
13. Rick Rubin
12. D’ Angelo
11. Pharrell
10. Missy Elliott
9. RZA
8. Thom Yorke
7. Timbaland
6. Jay-Z
5. The Notorious B.I.G.
4. Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs
3. Dr. Dre
2. Kanye West

1. R. Kelly

Tupac Shakur – Lesane Parish Crooks

2pac kid

HIP HOP’S FINEST: Greatest of all times……


THE DOC: The Orginal MD.

0-900811-uk-84The D.O.C. speaks on “We Want Eazy,” post-crash depression, and more with “Playboy” magazine.

It’s not often that legendary Dallas rapper The D.O.C. opens up to the masses, but Playboy magazine was able to secure a rare and quite candid interview with The D.O.C. for the publication’s April 2013 issue.

During his chat with Playboy, the Hip Hop icon spoke on helping craft “We Want Eazy,” the Dr. Dre and MC Ren-assisted record that would later be featured on Eazy-E’s debut album Eazy-Duz-It.

“Dre takes me to the studio and I meet Eazy, and Ren, and Yella. And Dre puts on this drum beat and he says, ‘Can you write me something?’ You know, it took about 10-15 minutes and that song was ‘We Want Eazy.’ Ended up being the guys first single,” The D.O.C. revealed.

The D.O.C. also touched on the car crash that took his voice and the depression that soon followed.

“The whole West Coast movement changed direction the night I had that accident,” said The D.O.C. “Once that shit happened I was just out of there. I didn’t care about anything, but getting drunk. Getting high and trying to get away from that pain of not being able to do the one thing that I was good at.”

Not one to let his lyrical dreams dissipate, The D.O.C has taken his talents to his hometown of Dallas, Texas by helping talented up-and-comer’s find a little shine of their own.

“You can’t let go of the dream that easy man. They all say you got such a story. You got such a story to tell and [it’s] so powerful and it’s so positive,” the rapper explained. “And that’s where I’m at right now. Dallas, Fort Worth is where my heart is. I want to pluck the young, deserving people from this city and give them the benefit of those experiences and see if I can get some shine down here because they deserve it too.”

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