Vintage Frames: February 17th-19th

It’s been a journey, I only cherish the heartache. The labor of love was to create, product was the satisfaction. I’m was once told a debt collector couldn’t design ‪#‎sunglassses‬, behold Vintage Frames, I guess they were wrong. Overcoming all odds is possible, all it takes is the determination to survive.
Mountains can be climbed, slopes become easier on the knees after you journey for a while. We are what we make ourselves be, nobody was born with their profession. If you …have a disadvantage, all the more reason to work harder. Price your own worth, find someone that values it enough to pay it. Realize your destiny, most importantly that it is in your hands. If you are at the mercy of others, it’s time to switch games. Your present is a result of progress, your future is the result of determination.
Last time I was told I couldn’t I turned it into my future. On February 17th, I am proud to unveil Vintage Frames. It’s ‪#‎Thursday‬ pay homage to what inspired you even if it was fucking negative. Next week we show the world we could, more importantly that we did! With the unveiling of the Vintage Frames By Corey Shapiro line I have most importantly shown myself it could be done. The future has been in your hands this whole time, it’s time you realize what you have been holding all along. ‪#‎morninginspiration‬ ‪#‎vintageframes‬

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