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Almost Friday: By Ryan Jagger






  Night Rider Jumpsuit


Almost Friday is dedicated to the bold, confident, and free-spirited. Ready-to-Wear collection designed with luxurious contrasting fabrics inspired by sportswear. With the desire to create beautifully constructed garments and ensure cutting edge designs. Each piece is impeccably crafted with attention to detail resonated deeply. Almost Friday creates style that excites your life.

Almost Friday by Ryan Jagger

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Chris Andersen vs. The Internet

chrisChartier is the 29-year-old trickster and Internet hacker who stands accused of nearly ruining the name of basketball player Chris Andersen, Miami’s colorfully tattooed forward who became an unlikely star of the team’s championship run in June. Next month, she is scheduled to appear before a court in her small Manitoba town facing charges of possessing and transmitting child pornography, personation, extortion and uttering threats. For about a year, she allegedly posed as Andersen and others on the Internet.

As the Miami Heat embarks on their new season and with his name cleared of any wrongdoing, Andersen is feeling enormous relief to have his personal nightmare behind him, says Mark Bryant, Andersen’s attorney and agent. Andersen declined comment for this story, deferring to Bryant.“Chris is very melancholy about it,” said Bryant. “There’s no celebration in being a victim.”

The bizarre and complex tale of how Andersen went from cult icon with the Denver Nuggets, to having his Colorado home raided for suspicion of child pornography, to unemployed before the Heat took a chance on him and signed him last January begins with Chartier.
Bryant says authorities told him and Andersen that Chartier hacked his client’s computer, assumed Andersen’s identity on the Internet and then assumed the identity of a 17-year-old girl who had been sending Andersen fan mail. From there, according to Andersen’s attorney, Chartier allegedly impersonated both Andersen and the 17-year-old and played one against the other in an effort to extort Andersen for money and gifts, including a Victoria’s Secret wish list.
The Winnipeg Free Press newspaper reported that Chartier’s mother, Delia, took to Facebook last week to defend her daughter. “I’m shaking my head in disbelief at how people around here are so quick to judge, when in fact they don’t know the whole story,” the mother wrote. “I love my daughter. I believe she’s a good person.”

Said Sgt. Line Karpish, a spokesperson for Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which arrested Chartier last January: “On the Internet, people do not always communicate with whom they think they’re communicating with. I don’t know how it is in Miami, but up here in Canada we have plenty of people always trying to find some way to scam you out of your money or your identity.”

Chartier, who is out on bail until her court appearance, lives with her mother in a remote Canadian fishing village of less than 100 people. Easterville, a speck of nearly nothing on the shores of Cedar Lake, is populated by displaced First Nations people whose lives and culture and history were uprooted from their native lands in the 1960s to make room for a hydroelectric dam.

“You blink and miss it,” Karpish said. “It’s a small, small aboriginal community here.”
It was there, in a little bedroom, in a little house, in a little hamlet that Chartier allegedly put into motion a Birdman-catfish-butterfly effect that started with a reply on Facebook but ended, after months of chain reactions that would astound even the most ardent subscribers of chaos theory, with Andersen clutching the Larry O’Brien Trophy inside AmericanAirlines Arena.
So, how exactly did she do it? How did Chartier impersonate two lovers at the same time and allegedly pull off what is known colloquially as a “catfish hoax” so complex that it makes the duping of former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o seem mundane by comparison?

First, picture a triangle. Now picture Chartier representing the top of that triangle and Andersen and the 17-year-old representing opposite sides of the triangle’s base. Bryant said all Internet information between Andersen and the teenager was controlled by Chartier, who hovered constantly like some grand Internet puppeteer.

She allegedly engineered the exchange of explicit photos between the 17-year-old—who authorities have not identified—and Andersen. Chartier, according to Bryant, later orchestrated a meeting between Andersen and the teen, who then flew to Colorado for a tryst with the Birdman. The legal age of consent in Colorado is 17.

The teenage girl then returned to her home in Los Angeles following her fling with an NBA star, and that’s when things took another twist.
Chartier went back to work under her assumed identities, but this time she allegedly began threatening both Andersen and the teenager, according to Bryant.

Chartier allegedly sent graphic photos to the 17-year-old from Andersen’s email account. Frightened of the threats she believed were being made by Andersen, the teenager went to the cops in California and implicated him. Police in California then contacted law enforcement authorities in Colorado because the photos were potentially evidence of child pornography.
That’s when Andersen’s world imploded.

Armed with a warrant of search and seizure, investigators raided Andersen’s Colorado home in May of 2012. Andersen was playing for the Nuggets at the time and was in the middle of a playoff series against the Lakers. The Nuggets initially suspended Andersen from team activities and then later released him.

But Andersen was never charged with any crime. Instead, he suffered in limbo thinking that his basketball career might be over. People close to Andersen believed his story, that he did nothing wrong, but the investigation was a lengthy one and Andersen’s reputation appeared ruined.

“You can imagine what this was like for (Andersen),” Bryant said. “Every eye you’re looking at, you’re thinking, ‘Oh, does this person think I’m a pedophile?’ He was never arrested. There was only a warrant executed on the house under the suspicion of child pornography.”

After confiscating all of Andersen’s computers and smart phones, including his X-Box, Douglas County, Colorado, authorities with Internet Crimes Against Children Unit hit a dead end in its investigation of Andersen. Nothing incriminating could be linked to any of his electronics.

“They weren’t finding the IP address they were looking for,” Bryant said.
Bryant says police in Colorado learned fairly early on that Andersen wasn’t to blame, but asked for cooperation from Andersen not to talk about the case while the true culprit was being unearthed.

“It just kept getting more bizarre,” Bryant said.
That’s because the entire scam allegedly was being pulled off from somewhere in Manitoba, Canada. The Colorado investigators eventually got wise to the ruse and contacted Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Mounties took it from there. Chartier was arrested on Jan. 15. Andersen signed with the Heat on Jan. 20.

“They did their risk assessment,” Bryant said of the Heat. “I flew down there and told them what I knew: ‘I can tell you, he didn’t do anything wrong.’ Holy hallelujah for the guru Pat Riley.”
Last week, Bryant went on a media blitz to clear Andersen’s name before the start of training camp, which begins Tuesday in the Bahamas. The Douglas County District Attorney’s office also released a statement confirming that it was not pursuing charges of any kind against Andersen.

Bryant said investigators for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Douglas
County had contacted him during the Heat’s playoff run to schedule a meeting with Andersen and explain how he was duped. To avoid causing an unwanted distraction for the team, Bryant said he and Andersen delayed their meeting until after the post-season.

Seven or 10 days after the championship he’s unhappy as hell,” Bryant said of Andersen. “He’s like, ‘Dude, I want my name back,’ and I said, ‘Dude, that’s my championship. I’m getting your name back.’”

At the meeting with the case’s investigators, a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and a Douglas County detective explained with charts and graphics how Andersen was scammed.
“He and I kept looking at each other like, ‘What and what and what?’” Bryant said. “Chris is looking at this chart and saying, ‘Why am I over here?’ and he’s just shaking his head and I said, ‘Dude, they couldn’t make this – – – – up.’”

Ms. Willa’s World: A Cut Above The Rest!

Photographer /Makeup /hair stylist


Willa’s natural talent and eye for artistry has inspired her to create looks for models and every day women.
Willa’s diverse background and experience shows in her artistic talent and unique approach to design. Whether in the salon, or at a photo shoot, Willa exudes professionalism, dedication and reliability and has a true passion for making others feel and look glamorous.

25 year old celebrity hair stylist Ms. Willa Kennedy has got this internet marketing thing down!! By now you’ve probably seen her work and follow her on Instagram and Facebook .. or maybe you caught up with her at a salon near you during her multi-city styling tour.. either way.. her name rings bells!
Ms.Willa specializes in flawless cut, colored & curled sew-in weaves. Her brightly colored style…s have been shared, re-posted and re-tweeted more than any other styles I’ve seen on the net. And whether you’re a fan of hair weaves or not.. there is no denying Ms. Willa’s marketing skills! Between interacting with over 300,000 facebook fans and traveling from city to city, Willa has created an international brand in just a few years.
Willa work can be described as crisp, clean and classically elegant. Her philosophy is that she does not create masks for women to hide behind, but enhances the beauty that is already there. Whether she is working on Photo shoots , Fashion Shows, at the Salon or Video shoots, her philosophy can be seen in her work.

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Roy Campanella: Harlem Business Man

19883_176628395846831_1473494253_nBrooklyn Dodgers catcher Roy Campanella in front of his store in Harlem (November 19, 1921 – June 26, 1993)

SOUL CYCLE: The Future Of New York Fitness!



Once upon a Soul there were two women desperately searching for some CARDIO. Julie Rice was living in Los Angeles. A busy talent manager – she could barely stop her hectic “movie biz” schedule to fit in a workout, let alone enjoy it. After searching high and low for an exercise that would keep her not only physically in shape but also mentally inspired, she found indoor cycling. The music and the energy kept her coming back and yet she felt it could be even more….


Elizabeth Cutler grew up in Chicago.  While studying abroad from the University of Colorado she did some SOUL searching and wound up in a monastery in India, at the National Palace Museum, and in a traditional japanese house in Kyoto.  Eventually she returned to Colorado where inspiring cardio was just one mountain around the corner. Hiking was a natural and breathtaking way to stay fit and happy. She sold luxury real estate and practiced Jin Shin Jyutsu (ancient practice and philosophy of healing aka grandparent of acupuncture).  After meeting her husband she moved to Manhattan.


Shortly after both women had relocated to New York City, they began searching for some type of cardio exercise they could fall in love with. But unfortunately, no luck. There were certainly enough ways to burn calories, but nothing that made their hearts sing. Ultimately they realized they would have to create it! Elizabeth and Julie met at a lunch and the rest was SOULhistory!  They both believed indoor cycling could be inspiring; they both believed you could incorporate upper body and core workout into the routine; and finally they believed with some great branding, a beautiful environment, and outstanding customer service, the 45-minute class could be transformed into a special experience each time.


Elizabeth combed Craigslist and found the “rear lobby” at West 72nd Street. Julie learned all she could about renting towels and passing out schedule cards up and down the avenues of the West Side of NYC.  Slowly, the riders began to come. They saw an opportunity to supply their patrons with proper fear, after they read more about cycling shoes here, they got in gear and made sure to have them available from the start.


Today both are amazed at the community that has become SoulCycle. The inspiring instructors, dedicated riders, and tireless studio soul team. It is truly a labor of SOUL. Both continued to be inspired BY and AT SoulCycle.

Katy Perry: Farm Girl Chich!


Jennifer Lopez: 2500 Star!


Jimme Wall Street: Murder Was The Case They Gave Me…..

jjimme wallstreet


immewallstreet “I’m  the one that has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life,  the way I want to.” – #IAMJIMMEWALLSTREET #living #life #love #art #food #smoke #point #hair #spot #friends #versagram #musicmatters #swag #populartagsapp #trip #marley #dope #clouds #weed #me #instagramers #beautifullife #instapic #good #fun #followme #sneakerhead


Rising rap star James “Jimme Wallstreet” Davis was shot dead in Pennsylvania  on Thursday.

The emerging artist and songwriter was gunned down in his native  Philadelphia, according to editors at  Further details of his death were not available as WENN went to press.

Bing: More on Jimme  Wallstreet

Davis started off his career as a protege of 50 Cent, before signing a production  deal with Grammy-nominee DJ Don Cannon.

Cannon took to Twitter to slam the latest mindless slaying in the hip-hop  community, writing, “They Killed My Man….. S— Gotta Stop Now!! S— Ain’t  Cool! Destroyed A True Talent.”

The alleged murder came on the same day Meek Mill‘s protege Lil Snupe, 18, was fatally shot.




Lil Snupe: Rest In Paradise



  • bcakeny Huge Cassette Tape Cake for New  Kids on the Block!


Rihannan & Co: International Entourage

Rihanna & her brother leaving her London hotel 6/17Rihanna+Leaving+London+Hotel+qTDXxq_hM6Px

Parnell Steven ” Stacks Edwards”: Black Mafia Hitman


Parnell Steven “Stacks Edwards” was played by Samuel Jackson in the 1990 film GoodFellas.


Parnell Steven “Stacks” Edwards (January 15, 1947 South Bronx – December 18, 1978 Morningside Heights, Manhattan) was an African-American musician and criminal who became associated with the infamous Jimmy Burke and the Vario crew in 1967. Edwards was portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in the film Goodfellas.

Edwards was born in the South Bronx, to parents from North Carolina and Northern Virginia. He was said to have been chubby at 5’8″, 285 pounds, but became muscular from his visits to prison. He claimed to have been a bodyguard to Muhammad Ali.

He met mobster Tommy DeSimone as a struggling blues-rock musician, singer and songwriter on Queens Boulevard sometime during 1967, earning money as a street performer. At the time DeSimone was selling stolen Rolex watches. DeSimone began to think of Edwards as a “brother” and the two became close friends.


Around this time, DeSimone adopted the same integrationist stance later adopted by Colombo crime family mobster Joe Gallo and Gallo associates, believing that Italian organized crime should work with black organized crime to increase power and profits.Edwards and DeSimone became involved in credit card fraud and carjacking with Henry Hill. Edwards later moved to East Harlem after becoming an associate of the Vario Crew. Edwards was a heavy drug user, smoking marijuana before moving on to heroin and cocaine.


As a child growing up he was a fan of jazz, jump blues and gospel. Growing up, his interest in music increased and he learned to play the acoustic guitar. As Edwards got older his tastes turned to Fats Domino, Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Frankie Ford, Irma Thomas, The Neville Brothers and Dr. John.


When rhythm and blues became outdated he listened to Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and James Brown and started performing blues-rock. Edwards worked the nightclub circuit and was hired on occasion by Burke for performances at Robert’s Lounge from 1967 to 1978, and by Hill at his night club The Suite as a regular performer from 1967 to 1972.

Edwards formed a band called Grand Central Station in the early 1970s. He relied increasingly on organized crime rackets as a means of making money following his introduction to the Vario Crew by DeSimone.


Edwards earned a reputation within the Vario Crew as being an “under the limit” master in credit card fraud. He would go to a shopping center with a panel truck and purchase merchandise from the stores until he ran out of room on the truck. He would make $45 purchases on a card with a $50-expenditure limit every afternoon.


His rampant shopping sprees would consist of blenders, transistor radios, cigarettes, razor blades and within two hours of steady shopping, call it quits. He had a girl from South Ozone Park, Queens who worked for MasterCharge, delivering cards.


She would bring Edwards official office memos keeping him informed about security checkups and credit checks. Among his contacts Edwards included a female associate who worked at a local bank. She would give him duplicates of the cards and inform him of the amount of credit that was attached.


Before a card was put in an envelope for delivery to the cardholder, Edwards would have a duplicate. If a card had a $500 credit line he would go into stores where he and members of the Vario Crew were known, or visit places like The Suite, The Bamboo Lounge and Robert’s Lounge where he would punch out credit card slips.


The associates he knew in the stores would call the bank and get authorization for whatever merchandise he wanted. The cardholder waiting for his card would never receive it and Edwards usually had enough time to make purchases on the certain card for about a month before it would be reported stolen.

In 1978, Hill, working from a tipoff from bookmaker Martin Krugman, told Jimmy Burke of vast sums of cash being held overnight in a safe at the Lufthansa terminal at JFK airport in New York. Burke analyzed the possibilities and concluded that six men and two panel trucks would be needed to successfully steal the cash. This was the first stage of the heist.


Burke assembled a crew consisting of his son Frank James Burke, Edwards, Joe Manri, Robert McMahon, Louis Cafora, Tommy DeSimone, Paolo LiCastri and Angelo Sepe. During the robbery, Edwards slugged Lufthansa employee Kerry Whalen. His job was to take the panel truck used in the heist and drive it to a junkyard in New Jersey, where mafia contacts would compact it and the evidence would be destroyed.


Edwards’s ambition was to be a successful blues singer and he was a regular performer at Robert’s Lounge, in South Ozone Park, Queens. He was involved with various low level criminal enterprises with the Lucchese Family associates, paid in stolen goods. He would take the stolen goods and sell them to independent stores in Harlem and Jackson Heights or at flea markets in the area.


Shortly after the robbery, Edwards went into hiding in a South Ozone Park, Queens tenement after learning that the police identified him through fingerprints left in the getaway car. DeSimone and Sepe paid him a visit one early morning. After Edwards allowed DeSimone and Sepe to enter, DeSimone killed Edwards with a .32 silencer-equipped pistol. Even though DeSimone considered Parnell Edwards a friend, he understood that due to Parnell Edwards’ drug addiction, he could easily become an informant against the robbers.


Edwards’ girlfriend Shelly found his body after coming home from shopping. The next day a distraught DeSimone called Edwards’s mother, with whom DeSimone was acquainted, and said, “I’m so sorry, mom, about what happened to Stacks.”

Hill visited with Edwards’s distraught family briefly before Christmas 1978; DeSimone never attended the funeral


The heist worked out better than Burke could have imagined, but Edwards neglected his duty and used heroin, visited his girlfriend Shelly, and fell asleep at her house. The police found the panel truck, parked in a no parking zone, with a muddy boot print matching a pair of shoes owned by Edwards


Bruce & Kris: Reality Divorce?


FAME: Get Yours Today!

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Felice Fawn: Who Is Felice Fawn?



Felice Fawn- also known as Lauren Emma Cook (or CROOK), is a SCAMMER, photographer, retouched, and artist from England, in other words she has the same skillset as every 12 year old on /b/ with GIMP.

That is until she became internet crazy after releasing self portraits of her looking like a stop-motion extra from Jason and the Argonauts whilst apparently unaware of her repulsive appearance and willfully deaf to demands that she needs to choke down a few KFC megabuckets. Her fans are primarily teenage hipsters, shitty artists, amateur photographers and bloggers who hope to see her shrivelled cunt.


A photo diary was discovered in 2010 of an anorexic girl, who was certainly Felice. Felice’s hair color and necklaces were identical, and pictures blanked both thighs exactly where Felice has tattoos along with her titties and vag by pure coincidence and are thought to have been caused be an electrical storm at the time of posting.

Despite resembling a bag of pretzel sticks earlier that year, Felice announced (read: HERP DERP) weight-gain. Like an emo child’s ambivalent desire to declare yet hide their shameful faggotry, the severity of her ANALrexia had been purposely kept under-wraps:

 She still denies having any form eating disorder whatsoever, in spite of common knowledge of her hospitalization earlier that year, as well as regular visits to a hospital throughout 2010 (No it wasn’t anorexia she just enjoys rectal exams). One need only look at her HEALTHY MUSCLE BODY to confirm this. She openly rants about anti-anorexia and anti-thinspo, another suspicious aspect of her online persona.

The blog that the images have been taken from was password protected and is now deactivated.

All tattoos or ‘signature’ Felice items have been photoshopped out. This is a professional retoucher, remember?

Stilettomeup: Tom Ford Rx!

tom ford

Fashionably for more looks!

Fashionably Famous Trend: The Look of Love!c600x489

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